Bag food waste, tie it off, and place it in the yard waste cart

The Food Waste Recycling Program for residents launched on January 1, 2022. Residents in single-family homes must bag food waste, tie it off, and place it in the yard waste cart. Food waste includes meat, bones, dairy, bread, fruit, vegetables, as well as all other edible and inedible parts of food typically thrown into the trash. Once at the sorting facility, bagged food waste is separated and composted into soil products. Do not place food waste directly into the yard waste cart, as this will contaminate the yard waste.

E.J. Harrison & Sons is providing complimentary food waste collection pails (2 gallons) to assist Ventura residents with participating in the new food waste recycling program. In December, the City’s Environmental Sustainability team began delivering the pails to all single-family homes in Ventura. The food waste recycling pails are also available by request and to residents in multi-family housing units as the program expands.

Before buying new bags for the pails, consider reusing bread bags, takeout bags, or grocery bags as a liner for the pail to collect food waste. When the bag is ready to be disposed, tie off the bag and place it in the yard waste container. Do not place your food waste recycling pail out for curbside collection.

This new program is required by California’s Senate Bill (SB) 1383. SB 1383 aims to reduce methane emissions by diverting organic material from landfills by establishing statewide food waste recycling requirements for cities. The City is rolling out food waste recycling for all residents, businesses, and multi-family properties to comply with the law.

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