Recovery Begins / Ventura Strong

Annual Ventura Harbor Parade of Lights

Ventura Fire “We Will Rebuild!”

Happenings in Ventura through the lens of Murray (don’t call me George) Robertson

Chevies at the Pier and fire in the river bottom by Murray (I sleep with my camera) Robertson

The St. Patrick’s day parade as seen through the lens of Michael Gordon

When on vacation George Robertson took his sketch pad (and Ventura Breeze) with him

Ventura Scenes

Ventura Artwalk 2016

National Rescue Dog Training Center

Ventura Happenings by George Robertson

Channel Island foxes

The 2016 Ventura County Fair as seen through the lens of Cindy Summers, Breezy Gledhill, Richard Lieberman, John Ferritto, Bernie Goldstein, Michael Gordon, George Robertson and Sheldon Brown

Ventura Scenes

Wonderful sketches by George Robertson reader of the Ventura Breeze

Cottontail Day at Ventura Harbor by Ventura Breeze photographers

Rancho Days Celebration at Olivas Adobe March 13 as seen through the lens of Bernie Goldstein

On the scene in Ventura by George Robertson

Happenings in Ventura by George Robertson

Our Ventura by George Robertson

Reflections of Ventura by George Robertson

Scamp the sheep herder

Ventura County Fair 2015