The Ventura Breeze is celebrating 15 years of publishing local news thanks to the support of the Ventura community and our advertisers. The time has come, however, for us to ask our dedicated readers to consider helping us continue publishing during this difficult time. Due to the reduction of advertisers (which we understand because of COVID), we really need your generous support to continue to bring local news to the community. In order to do this, we have started the Ventura Breeze Honor Roll. The names of Honor Roll donors will be published in the paper unless donors don’t want to be shown. We appreciate the relationship we have with our readers, and we pledge to keep bringing you all the local news and events.

To contribute please fill out the form by clicking on DONATE below using PayPal for your donation, which allows you to pay by credit card or with your PayPal account. Thank you for supporting your local hometown newspaper!

Honor Roll Donors

Not including the many donors that want to remain un-known

Alan Hammerand
A&E Group Mechanical Engineers
Adela Trainor
Al & Megan Morris
Alan & Debra Holmes
Alison Carlson
Allsberry Family
Alma Vilkas-Stockus
Amy Brown
Ann Huston
Anne Reisinger
Anthony & Esther Cornejo
Antonio Figureida
Barbara D. Topping
Barbara Meister
Barringer Biological Services
Barringer Biological Services (one more time)
Barry Fisher
Bax & Deb Larmon
Bruce & Signe Smale
Calvin & Alicia Leonard
Calvin & Margaret Meuser
Carol Bishop
Carol Dann
Carol Spector
Carole Frazier
Carolyn Wood
Catterall Ceramics
Charles Hillman Jr.
Charles Wade
Cheryl & Dennis Heitmann
Cheryl Garrison
Cheryl Laymon
Cheryl Serr
Chris & Suzy Reinhart
Chris Cade
Christian Concert Network
Christian McCusker
Christina Altfeld
Chuck Sill
Cindy Bayer
Claire C. Greenberg
Connie Perez
Connie Taft
Cynthia Parker
Cypress Lane Books
Dan Long
Dan Osborn
Dana Smith
Darlene Harvey
Debbie & Bob Myman
Debora Schreiber
Deborah Beattie
Debra Baile
Delia Gorey
Deva Kelly
Dianna Burdick
Donald L. Greenberg
Donald Hill
Donald Price
Donald R. & Terry Belless
Donald Rodrigues
Donna Miller
Douglas Turner
Ed Terpening
Ed Wehan
Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Ponce
Emma Mayer
Esther Cornejo
Estelle Ichino
Fancy Pantz Face & Body Art
Frank Hansen
Gaylene Hinkle
Gene and Nell Elerding
Harold Kennedy
Helga and Egmont von Websky
I A Vinas
Iris Ruddy
Ivor Davis
Jack&Shirley Ramer
Jackey Swan
James Francis Gray
James McPhie
Jean M Bennett-Sheaks
Jean Nussman
Jeffrey & Lorraine Altman
Jerry Gonzalez
Jill Forman
Jill Wilson
Jim & Mary Harrison
Jim and Gaylene Hinkle
Joanne Kaplan
Jocelyn Hotzler
Jodeen Frank Sales
John & Cherie Brant
John Cole
John Connor
John Darling
John Hankins
John Herndon
John Higgins
Joseph & Naomi Escobar
Joseph S. Bischoff
Judith A. Beay
Julia F. Campbell
Julie Gaa
Julie Harvey
Juliet & Roger James
Karen Carmona
Karen Flock
Katherine C. Edwards MD
Katherine Wertheim
Kathleen Cressy
Kathleen Paulson
Kathleen Ventura
Ken McAlpine
Kenneth & Carolyn Weber
Kristen Kessler
Kurt Triffet
Lance Horowitz
Laura Swenson
Lawrence Manson
Leon Russo
Linda Dorothy Hunz
Linda R. McTigue
Lynn Mikelatos
Lynn Weitzel
Lynn Wooster-Roemer
Madhu Bajaj
Mai Pham
Marcia Walker
Margaret Figurski
Mark D. Heckendorn
Mark Hartley
Marla Brown
Martha Jaffe
Mary Edwards
Mary Rae
Megan & Al
Michael Estrada
Michael Koevenig
Michael Mariani
Michael Merewether
Michael Stump
Miriam Mack
Nancy Cloutier Rick
Neal Pounder Family Trust
Nelson Wallace
Norman Hudson
Jean Nussman
Patricia Schultz
Patrick and Diane Perkins
Patrick Davidson
Patti Channer
Patty & Richard Scharch
Patty Jenkins
Paulita Neal Ttees
Penny Barnds
Peter Magoon
Phil & Christine Settle
Phil White
Priscilla Holmes
Raeann Koerner
Rebecca Trujillo
Richard & Mary Jane Bauleke
Richard Beauregard
Richard Negus
Robert Aronson
Robert E. Bastian
Roger Kida
Robert Schilken
Rosa Carbajal/DB Group
Russell Richardson
Sandra Siepak
Sandy Powell
Sharon McKinney
Sharon Rishel
Sherman Moore
Shirley Lorraine
Siri Weber Feeney
Stephanie Joyce
Stephen Ehret
Steve Cook Fine Art
Steve Noll
Steve Noll (one more time)
Susan & John Knapp
Susan Deason
Susan Hancock
Susan Knupp
Suz Montgomery
Teresa Zdanowich
Terri & Jim Capito
Terry Quick
Thomas & Susan Fineman
Timothy & Christy Weir
Timothy Wawrzeniak
Tina Figurski
Tom Archibald
Vella Buchanan
Ventura Parkinson’s Support Group
Vicci Botich
Victoria & Elizabeth Ammons
Victoria Usher
Warren & Gail Paap
William Dorff
Yolanda Soto
Yvonne Besvold