City Council approves cannabis delivery permit fees

by Richard Lieberman

Cannabis has been a hot talking point in recent years with further legalisation being debated for a long time. People are becoming more informed on the different sides of cannabis and learning things about Terpenes, trichomes, and the complex biochemistry of the plant. Becoming more informed is allowing a bigger, more fact-driven debate around the issue — and it’s working. The City Council at a recent meeting adopted a resolution for new fees for cannabis delivery permits. The new fee schedule is to take effect November 1, 2019.

Until recently the ordinance approved by City Council banned all outdoor cultivation and all commercial activity. The state has mandated that “deliveries may be made to any jurisdiction in the state.” The regulation applies even if a local jurisdiction previously prohibited cannabis delivery. Ventura must comply and allow cannabis delivery within city limits. So this now means that medical marijuana patients are now able to stay in the comfort of their own homes while having their medicine such as this gods green crack strain delivered to their door, ready for whatever relief they’re consuming medical marijuana for.

The proposed ordinance has some restrictions: Delivery is permitted to residential locations only. Delivery times must be from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm only. No deliveries are allowed within 600 feet of public or private K-12 schools and will not be allowed during school hours 8:00am to 3:00 pm.

Whilst the restrictions are tight when it comes to cannabis businesses operating, it does allow for new ventures to be pursued by the market. Many are already undergoing a series of growth by utilizing seed to sale software, though for now this remains firmly in an indoor growth scenario. Distribution may have improved but there are still hurdles for these companies to face.

Other additional requirements are that dash cams be installed on each delivery vehicle, it must also be equipped with GPS and the delivery must include educational public information.

The fee schedule will aid in the recovery of cost to manage and conduct background checks by the city and permits to be renewed yearly.

New City Parking Authority established at Council Meeting

The City Council has approved a measure to create a new city department “The Parking Authority”. By a vote of 7 to 0 the council approved the measure.

The official name of the Authority is the “City of San Buenaventura Parking Authority.” The new Parking Authority will be administered by a governing board which will consist of members of the City Council. The new department will be staffed by existing city employees and no additional compensation to staffers will be offered.

There will be appointed officials for managing the department. Proposed and adopted by the city council are staffing positions of Chair which shall be the Mayor of the city, Vice-Chair will be the Deputy Mayor of the city, Executive Director position will be filled by the City Manager, Secretary position will be filled by the City Clerk, the treasurer position will be filled by the City’s Finance and Technology Director, the authority’s General Council shall be the City Attorney.

Regular meeting of the Parking Authority will occur at the regular Monday evening City Council meetings. All meetings of the Parking Authority will be open to the public and public participation is encouraged.

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