Vol. 13, No. 1 – Oct 9 – Oct 22, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


1:11pm, observed half of the Harbor experiencing a power outage. Officers connected the district generator and check on persons in the Ventura Marina Community with oxygen generators, manager reporting they are all ok.


5:48pm, received report of a kayak taking on water from the operator. Rescue Boat 17 was in the area and took the operator on board and dewatered the boat.


7:37pm, received a dispatch to a boat fire near La Conchita. Officers responded with VFD in FireBoat 1. The boat fire turned out to be debris from a nearby party, likely a bonfire on the beach that somehow drifted out.


8:57am, dispatched to a traffic accident, heavy on Harbor Blvd. Officers responded and assisted VFD, AMR and VPD with the accident. Four patients were assisted and transported to local hospital for major injuries. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage.


7:30am, Officers assisting several different agencies with setting up for State-wide “Coastal Clean up day,” and also “Best Day Foundation Event.”


7:10pm, while on patrol in Harbor 1, officers observed several Recreational Vehicles parked in Harbor Cove beach parking lot. Officers were enforcing Port District and City ordinance forbidding parking for over-sized vehicles in these areas and on city streets.


2:55am, while on patrol in vehicle H-1 officers observed a skunk walking across the 1691 Spinnaker area, then onto the beach and into the South Jetty.(a future politician)


6:00am, 2019/2020 Lobster Season officially open, a few vessels were engaged in hoop netting behind the breakwall, too rough outside the harbor.

6:50pm, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 17, officers observed a fisherman illegally place his hoop nets in the main channel of the harbor. The fisherman was advised of the violation and moved his nets to a legal area.

10:24pm, received a report of a disabled 15ft skiff near the breakwall. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 17 and towed the vessel to the L/R.


12:45pm, received a request for a tow of a disabled 25ft motor vessel being towed by a good Samaritan electric boat in the A-Basin of the Harbor. Officers responded and assisted the vessel to their slip in VIM. Due to the strong winds, a few tenants assisted with lines and helping secure the vessel.

5:32pm, received a report of a disabled electric boat adrift near the Stub Channel. Officers responded and towed the vessel to the rental docks.

6:30pm, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 19, received a report of a diesel sheen in the middle finger of the Ventura Keys. Officers responded and found a light sheen that was un-retrievable and were unable to locate a source.

9:23pm, received a request for a tow from another disabled “lake-type” vessel in the sandtrap. Officers responded and towed the vessel to the L/R safely.


7:15pm, while on patrol and monitoring lobster fishing activities near the breakwall, officers contacted several operators of small vessels for various violations including improper lights displayed, illegally placed hoop nets, incomplete report cards, no lifejackets, no flares and no registration onboard.

Generally, operators are warned/educated of the regulations, but repeat or individuals who do not correct violations will be cited.


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