Vol. 11, No. 24 – Aug 29 – Sept 11, 2018 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon,

Isn’t it a waste and a shame that the Foster Library has to CLOSE for the day when the temperature gets HOT?

Why can’t air conditioning be installed? Wouldn’t it be worth the cost, particularly for the children? Contacting some Indoor AC specialists can help officials decide the best route, keeping the library open and at safe temperatures for everyone.

Suzanna Ballmer


We contacted city staff regarding this and received the following replies.

It has been priced but I don’t remember the cost. The newer library branches may be air conditioned but I am not sure. I will ask, may make more sense to move more programming that is there during the summer. Councilmember Cheryl Heitmann

Yes, it’s been priced. It’s on our library capital project list, but not funded. Councilmember Christy Weir

Every branch is air conditioned except Foster. And, it has been costed out, about 1.5 million. It is something I am actively working on with Nancy Schram, Director of the Ventura County Library System. We are trying to cobble funds together. Nancy O’Connor Director Parks/Recreation and Community Partnerships


Figures posted at highwayrobbery (dot) net show that red
light camera ticketing is way up in Ventura.

When March – July 2018 figures are compared to those for 2016 and 2017,
the ticketing from two of the eighteen cameras has more than tripled and
at two others the ticketing has more than doubled. Only one camera is
ticketing less than it was. The overall/citywide increase is 40%.


Jim: Maybe the cameras have a quota or they get fired.

Dear Sheldon,

Our solution to the 12 days of Fair fireworks was to load our dog into the car at three minutes before the show and then drive towards the east end of town for 8 minutes. It got old quickly. Coming so soon after the loud bangs on July 4th and 5th and 6th….(you get the idea), our boy had PTSD. Any loud bangs terrified him. And, it’s not just five minutes, it’s 5 minutes times 12. So….here’s one Venturan who is glad they were shortened.

Carol Spector

Sheldon.. great work on once again calling out the City of Ventura and its water manager Kevin Brown in the current publication.. As a victim of the Thomas Fire (Ondolando Area) it is sad to know that not one house has been started on our street of Colina Vista….One house is being framed on Via Ondolando.. and you know the lack of numbers in housing permits being issued. It is pretty evident that the city does not want the fire victims back I their homes.. they want us to sell and make a huge gain on the new buyers with their $$$$ million dollar plus homes… the permit process is long, complex and very very discouraging to those of us that once believed in those that promised us a seamless and easy rebuild process… Finally be sure to post/print: all of the local town meetings or dates for the debates amongst the City Council candidates.. I plan to attend everyone of them and let my voice be heard… thanks.. Chris..

Chris R. Dryden

Not sure if I agree with all that you said but all opinions are important (except “fake news” of course).

I don’t know why people expect art to make sense. They accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense.
~ David Lynch


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