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Vol. 14, No. 14 – April 7 – April 20, 2021 – Mailbox

To Be or Not to Be . . .Vaccinated

There is a lot of information and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations. Here are the facts you need to know.

1. Safety – All the vaccines approved by the FDA are safe and effective. It doesn’t matter if you receive the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J or another FDA approved vaccine. They can all save your life and keep you out of the hospital. It is important to follow the protocol for the vaccine you receive. Getting one dose when you should get two may mean your immunity does not last for long.

2. Cost – The vaccine is free for everyone who wants it. The federal government is covering the costs under the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, your vaccine will be paid for by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid); if you have commercial insurance, you will not have any out-of-pocket costs; if you don’t have insurance, your vaccine is still covered and the providers get reimbursed through the Provider Relief Fund, a pool of money the government distributed to support healthcare workers and hospitals.

3. Where – The Public Health Department and some of the national pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Kroger/Safeway) are offering vaccinations. In Ventura County, the easiest way to get an appointment for your first dose is through Schedule your second dose is through

Meanwhile, until the pandemic is controlled, wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands often, and continue to follow the CDC Guidelines.

Patricia Butler Ventura

What happened to the cartoons by Bill Green, I thoroughly enjoyed them?
Chuck Moore

Because of a completely mis-understood cartoon that he did for us he no longer writes for us. He moved to Las Vegas and we have lost contact with him. We miss him because he was very intelligent and a pleasure to be with.


The Ventura City Council will simply let the City Manager do whatever if people (sheepels) don’t care enough to participate in the process.  With City Hall closed to the Public, and City employees WFH, the public is further closed off from the process of local government participation.  Government employees are becoming super elitists.  Very little to no meaningful public attendance to live meetings in a year.  Many people do not know how to interact with Council meetings as many do not know how to use WebEx.  We don’t even know how to properly object to the Water Bill increases with Prop 218.  The City bought out the Breeze (with Ad buys) which was the last remaining independent source of local, independent, and objective news.

George Amandola

The website to obtain the water bill protest is which has a rate protest form.
To contact city council members:
Rubalcava, Sofia Mayor – District 1
Schroeder, Joe Deputy Mayor – District 7
Brown, Lorrie Councilmember – District 6
Friedman, Jim Councilmember – District 5
Halter, Doug Councilmember – District 2
Johnson, Mike Councilmember – District 3
Sanchez-Palacios, Jeannette Councilmember – District 4


I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Vol. 14, No. 13 – Mar 24 – April 6, 2021 – Mailbox


In regards to former Mayor Sandy Smith’s March 10th comments about the shortage of water from ground water wells and Lake Casitas, he forgot to mention the many new housing units currently being built in our city. I’m in support of higher rates because of the great service the water company does with limited resources. Also,thanks to the past and present city council members for getting us closer to being like our neighbor city of LA.

Breeze Supporter
Chris Reinhart


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Responsibility to vaccinate is individual. Revolving questions to vaccinate or not keeps us stuck in perpetual indecision mode. Such as, will I get sick, will it be effective and for how long, why the need to wear a mask and stay six feet away after vaccinating are on the minds of most. The array of theories highjack’s common sense, creates confusion and fear, leaving us wondering what’s right for us individually and collectively.

Yes, our world has been turned on its ear, for one year! We’ve been living on the edges of survival for longer than anticipated, weathering the fallout from the great pause and pandemic storms of 2020. Even the freedom to hug, gather in crowds, eat indoors, come and go mask less may seem light years away.

The tipping point is in tow and a reality for 2021. History has shown the herd mentality can tip the scales and level out our normal. Learning, changing, growing starts with suiting up, showing up and opening up to new thinking and doing. This allows our perspective to reshape and fill the holes of ignorance with knowledge, understanding and ultimately compassion.

We can no longer afford to ignore the decline even extinction of plant and animal life on earth! Our personal and world views are seen from the vistas and peaks of our minds. We trek our way by way of braving the elementals, environmentally and emotionally then with new eyes watch them transfer change into and onto our everyday life. We are moving towards a new dawning of humanitarianism and by shaking hands with regenerative action, renewal shall surely follow.

Karen Leslie


We appear to be in a rush to vaccinate school employees and teachers to facilitate reopening in the very near future. But I recently learned that schools will close for the summer (late May or June), putting students further behind and directing vaccines to school employees who might not have needed the vax right away given impending summer closures. Given all the other adjustments made during the pandemic how about adopting a year round school schedule for the next year so students can catch up. 

Theresa Stevens Ojai


The only way to combat criminals is by not voting for them.
~ Dayton Allen


Vol. 14, No. 12 – Mar 10 – Mar 23, 2021 – Mailbox


I live at the WAV.  I park on the street, usually two blocks away.  I am handicapped and if these constructions continue, there will be no where to park for us that live in the area.
This Samet construction consists of 19 units. 17 will be two bedroom.  They will have 17 parking spaces for the building while taking away 16 spaces that are existing.  Please help us to bring awareness to the parking situation in this area.

Samet Apartments-19 units 4 stories that is replacing the car wash at the corner of Garden and Santa Clara Streets. The developer is asking the City to give away 16 angled parking spaces along Garden so they can build a larger project. Some residents of the WAV are now being charged to park at their own building and some are forced to park in unsafe areas nearby. As it is now, it is very challenging to find parking in the area for the existing businesses and restaurants. Additionally there is a proposed remodel of an existing apartment complex nearby that is adding units and decreasing the number of parking spaces, clearly adding to the already frustrating and nerve-racking parking situation. Furthermore, developers are asking to exceed the 15% 4th floor density by 12%. Please send your concerns to or and specify Samet Apartments Project-11836.

Thanking you in advance, Laurel Huggins


While I certainly sympathize with your concerns (which are warranted) this problem really started with the completely inadequate parking on site for the WAV residents when it was built. I was involved very early on with the WAV (part of the groups that interviewed the initial artist residents) and was concerned about many of the problems that I saw in the design including the parking. When I inquired about the inadequate parking provided I was told this was done on purpose to force residents to use public transportation and bicycles. This, of course never happened because we are a car culture, so the problem has existed since the WAV was constructed.


Dear Publisher Brown 

Believe it or not, we had 125 people registered for our meeting last month, in which candidates for the City Council seat for District 4 took part in a panel!!

I thought you would like to know this, because your calendar listings in the Breeze have helped increase our attendance, which has grown exponentially.

Thank you again for supporting our Community Council, and citizen participation at the grass roots level.

We hope this finds you and all the Breeze staff staying well.

Best Regards,

Norene Charnofsky for the East Ventura Community Council


I just got a quick read of today’s edition and thought I would give some thought to your section.

cannabis dispensaries in Ventura.

It seems a shame the City Council cannot see the flow of taxable dollars going to Monterey County for growing Pot among the Redwood trees, when it could be generating millions in the fertile soil of Ventura. On the other hand if the County got behind the movement they could change the nickname of Oxnard from Bean town to Weed town.

An interesting observation on the penalty for school foot traffic. What days of the week will that be measured? Who will measure? What time? If on a Wednesday morning 10 kids (ages ???) walk down the street on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the cannabis, does that count?

I have a feeling the City is crusin’ for a brusin’ when this goes to Court.

Presidential Power It can be a problem, especially when we have a Congress like we have had over several years that cannot agree on anything together. When we have a 50-50 split, or near 50-50, and no one can give an inch, we need a leader in the presidency who can take the reigns of authority and steer the ship of government. Right or wrong something has to be done. And if the leader makes a misstep the next president can correct the error.

In case you are wondering about some of the spelling in my replies, I spent 10+ years in NE Texas and acquired some of the local attitudes and phrasings.

Michael Gordon

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
~ Phillip Stanhope

Vol. 14, No. 11 – Feb 24 – Mar 9, 2021 – Mailbox

Dear amazing Publisher of the Ventura Breeze:

First may I please thank you Sheldon from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the many folks who found the Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group because of your incredible generosity to print our meeting notices since January, 2016! There have also been many times over the years you covered and printed special articles about the Group and our activities to help bring awareness about Parkinson’s Disease to the public, a big thank you again for being such an important part of the “support” in Support Group!

In your November 18, 2020 issue you also printed a deeply appreciated tribute to my husband Robert Jenkins who passed away last November 2 with complications of a 14-year battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Words can never express how much that tribute meant to me, our families and our Support Group family.

So, it is with a heart full of gratitude for all that you have given the Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, our Community and myself that I am writing to announce that I will be taking a sabbatical as the Volunteer Coordinator for now. I can’t imagine having gone thru the journey of Parkinson’s Disease without the support of all of our Group Members and Friends, the many presenters over the years, community support from the Lexington and the City of Ventura and your unwavering support for both Robert and I.

Jennifer Parkinson Iljin of Neuroboxing/Neurocommunity will be keeping our efforts alive and our “Group in the Loop” with upcoming zoom meetings and other amazing programs to help and support all who face the incredible challenges of living with Parkinson’s Disease. I still welcome folks to call me if they’d like to get their email address added to the list so they can stay connected if they are not already receiving our emails.

Yours truly,

Patty Jenkins

Hi, Sheldon

I just finished the latest Breeze and laughing my head off about how the lizards started the wild fires! So funny! How do come up with this far out humor? Thanks for keeping us entertained.

Judith Beay

Judith: I sniff a lot of glue. Smoking pot has lost its luster now that it is legal.



I too was shocked to find out that Rep.Greene apparently wasn’t aware that the Jewish Satellites were down just prior to & during the wildfires due to escrow negotiations with prospective buyers from a nearby galaxy hoping to join in the space x project becoming partners with Star Link.

Is it possible she is trying to cover up some new found possible evidence linking her distant cousins the “Greene Lizards, family of acting legend Sgt.Stadinkto” to the devastating fires? Let’s hope not, we don’t want any negative influence among our united, legitimately elected ones who are chosen to represent “we, the people.”

Kim Koonce

In our last issue we had the article “Humane Society of Ventura County during the Pandemic.” To adopt a pet or to make donations to the Humane Society of Ventura County these are the correct contact information &

Don’t worry if you are a kleptomaniac, you can always take something for it.
~ Robert Benchley

Vol. 14, No. 10 – Feb 10 – Feb 23, 2021 – Mailbox


Just picked up your newspaper as we left Andreas today. Thoroughly enjoyed the historical piece about the Lagomarsinos and the classic Koch home. A lot of good reporting in a very small space, it covered a lot. Most of us are sick of politics and want to learn more about the history of this wonderful place. Did you know there used to be a bathhouse in Ventura? I don’t know much about it but it was there in the 30s or 40s. The old Pierpont has a great history too.

Patricia Richards Dodds

Thanks for the kind words and now you know more about the bath house.
The Ventura Public Bath house was located at the end of California Street and is now where the parking structure/Aloha Steakhouse resides.

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
~ Albert Einstein

Vol. 14, No. 09 – Jan 27 – Feb 9, 2021 – Mailbox


Feel as you might about Trump, this is America. I started to read your commentary and was stopped when you said, “for those who belong to the party of “law and order” saying it so sarcastically about the Republican Party, really? Like we don’t want law and order. You should be ashamed of yourself!

What about all the rioting during the so called “peaceful” demonstrations by Black Lives Matter? Burning our businesses. Maxine Waters telling rioters among others to go for it!!

I cannot even continue to read it, I’m disappointed in you.

Please consider all Americans instead of your own hatred.

Trudy Smith

Trudy: I am not ashamed of anything that I have said about Trump. Just as, I assume, you are proud of what you feel about Trump. As you say, this is America where we can still all have our own opinions. Thanks for reading the Ventura Breeze I hope you enjoy the rest of the paper.

What about all the rioting during the so called “peaceful” demonstrations by Black Lives Matter? “ What about it? I certainly don’t approve of them either. And certainly, would condemn them for storming the capitol and trying to disrupt a peaceful transition to a new president.

Are you suggesting I have hatred because of my dislike for Trump? You don’t know me, I am a very caring and loving person. And if I am a hating person only because of my dislike for Trump then over 50% of Americans are also hateful people.

Hopefully in your next email to me you will explain why you think Trump was a good president.



Thank you Sheldon to you and your staff – I really look forward to each new edition of the Ventura Breeze!! I appreciate your candor, perspective, coverage of local happenings and interesting articles of interest to residents and visitors alike! The ads usually are pertinent too.

Yvonne Besvold

Dear Breeze,

Socialists are fighting the good fight, while American fascists are only fighting for what’s in their best interests.  Socialists come from a place of generosity, inclusion and compassion for others.  They seek justice for the oppressed.  Fascists, also known as the Far Right, only care about staying in power at any cost.  The differences between these two opposing groups are reflected in what they have chosen to protest in the past few years.

Socialists speak out against racism, police violence, anti-abortion and anti-Immigrant advocacy, child-abuse at the border and elsewhere, war, misogyny, fascism, out of control capitalism, U.S. Imperialism and voter suppression. On the other hand, fascists groups like the Proud Boys, violently protest against Jewish people, Muslims, people of color, anti-racism, fair voting results, immigrants, gun safety, pandemic and climate change science, healthcare as a human right and mask-wearing.  They also support dictatorial leaders.

Which side do you see Venturans supporting?  The violent White power thugs or the folks who are standing up to these bullies, and pushing back on the injustices and oppression that so many have experienced in America for decades, if not centuries?   Our culture has to change for the better and we must follow the lead of socialists. It is the only way this country will survive in a way that all people can thrive and live in peace.


The Democratic Socialists of America – Ventura County Chapter

“I will be a President for all Americans”
~ Joseph Biden

Vol. 14, No. 08 – Jan 13 – Jan 26, 2021 – Mailbox


I read the letter from Larry Dote. I see that Mr. Dote is misinformed on some important issues. I wonder where he got this information from?

Right wing talking points aren’t facts. And the fact that millions of Americans believe this stuff is disturbing to say the least.

I hope for Mr. Dote and his ilk receive education from those around them that they trust. I hope their friends and family will take the time to explain to them that dear leader lost fair and square and their continued belief in lies will lead them down a dark and dangerous life.

Or… Their grandchildren will read about the Foxnews/OAN/Breitbart/Newsmax educated members of his base in their american history text books and realize why they never met their grandparents.

Tim Hansen


Well, if we watched TV yesterday it opened the afternoon with a very dismal and dark episode in our country’s history.  As the Sun set this period became very dark and gloomy.  But, as has been said by someone else the night becomes darkest before the dawn.

Yesterday evening, while the East Coast was shrouded in darkness, our nationally elected congress gave our nation a new bright light as they exercised their constitutional duties to declare the Electoral Vote as valid; thereby turning on another bright light to chase away the dark and gloomy events of the day before.

It was one of the worst moments in American history I have ever experienced, or read about in history, but in the end our forefathers who wrote and framed our constitutional documents created a master piece of governmental writing.  With that we should be good for another 245 years.

If the rest of the world actually watch the events from start to finish, the rest of the world can still see a shining light at the top of the hill.

Michael Gordon


Why do you say 2021 isn’t good?  Looks like a good start to a new year. Trump is leaving Office, Biden is coming in. We will get money and there is a vaccine coming. So far its been a dry, fire free, winter–No floods, no power outages. and the lockdowns will end when the injections start to cut down hospitalizations–Should be over May or April.

I am optimistic for the first time in a long time. The Washington DC riot was the last hoorah of the Trump people and in two weeks the Hate Trump drum beat can stop as he slips into a comfortable retirement.

We have half the signatures to dump Newsom and if that happened we will have lots to talk about–like who to replace him?   Change is coming–dramatic change. Some good, some bad but all different. We have avoided Civil War and  all is going good for now.

Richard Senate

If we overrule the voters, we can damage the republic forever.
~ Mitch McConnell Senate Republican Majority Leader

Vol. 14, No. 07 – Dec 30, 2020 – Jan 12, 2021 – Mailbox

Dear Editor: 

What a kind an amazing tribute you and the Ventura Breeze did for Robert and I in your Nov 18-Dec 1 issue by printing the story that my husband, Robert Jenkins, had lost his 14 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease on November 2nd. Words are not adequate to share my deep heart-felt gratitude to you and the Breeze, and the many kind people who have reached out to me since Robert’s passing and your story on him. Thank you so very much! 

Now that some time has gone by I’ve been reflecting on the monumental experience it is to be a care-giver and was reminded that November was National Caregiver Awareness Month. I missed sharing that info with you and the Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group until earlier this week and I’d like to share a couple of helpful resources with you and your readers who might be in need yet unaware that there is respite help for them at little or no cost.

Setting aside one month for “Caregiver Awareness” is nice but care-giving is a 24 hour/365 days a year “event”. Parkinson’s Disease and many other life-limiting conditions afflict so many folks in so many challenging ways, but those afflictions are also shared by their care-partners and entire families. Many care-partners do not know about these two wonderful resources. Please, dearest Care-partners, give yourselves and your partner the gift of respite help and support this coming year…you will all benefit!

This is the Caregiver Resource the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging will refer you to for Caregiver help – they have 20-hour respite grants available but you must get on the waiting list as soon as possible. Call to be put on the waiting list ASAP: Camarillo Health Care District, Wellness and Caregiving: 805-388-1952.  

Coast Caregiver Resource Center has “larger hour” respite grants you can apply for also. Contact  Brenda Birdwell, Certified Senior Advisor, Ventura County Family Consultant of the Coast Caregiver Resource Center (A Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital program): 805- 699-8907

Anyone can call me for more information about other care-giver resources as I have a few more up my sleeve: 805-766-6070.

Thank you again so very much dear Editor Sheldon and everyone at the Ventura Breeze! 

Yours Truly, Patty Jenkins; still the Volunteer Coordinator, Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group.

Ventura breeze

I believe that Donald Trump is one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. His construction of the Mexican wall has kept thousands of undesirables out of this country preventing many serious crimes. I only hope that Biden doesn’t stop this wonderful program. He produced the greatest economy in history of this country until the Chinese flu entered the country. Regarding the covid keeping the Chinese out at the very beginning saved millions and millions of American lives. We had the greatest economy in history of this country until the covid ruined it. That he continues to fight the most corrupt disgraceful election we have ever had that he actually won by millions of votes is good. I hope Republicans will back him making sure he does not leave the White House on January 20 so that he can continue to serve the country. If he does leave I will certainly be voting for him to be president in 2024 .

Thank you
Larry Dote

The most remarkable thing about pollsters is how they find so many people with no opinion.
~ Doug Larson

Vol. 14, No. 06 – Dec 16 – Dec 29, 2020 – Mailbox


As a lifelong progressive, I disagree with California and other government entities shutting down outdoor dining. Yes Covid-19 cases are surging, but are they a result of outdoor dining? The Mayo Clinic judges it a low to moderate risk behavior:

The consequences for restaurant owners and staff are devastating. They have invested in all sorts of tables, platforms and pavilions outdoors and made paper menus, and the wait staff wears masks, etc. You are not forced to patronize these restaurants, and you decide which ones to visit, if any.

I have fish tacos with a buddy once a week at a seaside eatery with outdoor tables on a parking lot patio. The masked wait person brings the food to the table in a bag to us, sitting quite far apart. Downtown Ventura shut down our Main Street so restaurants could offer food on sheltered platforms and pavilions in the street. We judge this very safe and have meals there about once a month. We also patronize our local eateries with take out orders.

We are cancelling any family plans for the holidays and beyond–until our age and health group gets vaccinated–how long will that be? Who knows?

Economically shutting down restaurants that serve outdoor meals is a bad plan. I won’t go into the angry public reaction it’s already causing. This is overreach on the part of our officials and adds to the chaos and distress the pandemic is causing.

Bob Chianese Ventura


Hope you and family had a wonderful holiday.

Cannabis businesses – Let them grow and sell the junk in the river bottoms.  Let Nature have its way.

Sagittarius A – Sagittarius A doesn’t have a ghost of a chance in sucking us into it’s black hole.  Global Warming Climate Change will kill us all first!

Mail-in ballots – If they were handled in the same way as in years past.  When a voter registers to vote and declare a party affiliation they can select a mailed out ballot.  That is okay and works very well.  But, when the state mails everybody a ballot and allows them to drop it off anywhere convenient, that is not okay.

Representing the Trump – President Trump single highhandedly lost his own election with his big mouth and tweets!  He is now acting like a 4-year-old spoiled Brat!

Michael Gordon

Heads I win, tails Biden loses.”

We are a nation of laws, not of men. When a nation’s laws are flouted by the political leadership it is only a matter of time until the populace shows the same disrespect for law and order.
~ John Adams


Vol. 14, No. 05 – Dec 2 – Dec 15, 2020 – Mailbox

Ventura Breeze

When watching expert speakers on TV you can tell how intelligent they are by how many books are shown behind them. The fewer the number of books the less intelligent they are. Unless, of course they hire Rent A Book to bring bookshelves full of books to their office or home for the shoot.

Larry Master Ojai


I didn’t write this (got from CNN)but I think it is important to read.

Although the Aragonez family is still healing after a COVID-19 outbreak, they took the time to make a public service announcement warning against large family gatherings. It’s tradition for many families to gather during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. But with the coronavirus global pandemic, those gatherings could turn Thanksgiving dinner into a superspreader event.

The Aragonez family is now living with the consequences of a large family gathering November 1; 15 members of the Arlington, Texas-based Aragonez family have since tested positive for the coronavirus. All of the 12 people who were at the get-together tested positive for COVID-19, Alexa Aragonez said — four lived at the house and eight were visiting. She said those family members then infected another three, bringing the total to 15.

Diane Brown

Hello Sheldon:

I noted the police report on the police involved shooting at Harbor and Seaward earlier this month.  The Ventura P D has released a detailed video of the shooting.  The video takes the viewer directly in front of the arresting officer who had to shoot the perp after the perp began shooting at the officer.

You may begin receiving hate message or mail because you printed the report, to those you can send them this YouTube link, Ventura Police stop armed Man.

This type of public transparency should be offered to all cities across the US, but for some it will do no good.

Bravo Ventura Police Department.

Michael Gordon

Michael: Can’t hate the messenger we only reported it not make it up.


Just wanted to say thank you for publishing my letter (regarding metastatic breast cancer). I’m hoping the right people will see it and make it happen next October!!

Marissa Holzer

Economics and politics are the governing powers of life today, and that’s why everything is screwy.
~ Joseph Campbell