National Park Service releases final plans for pier replacement on Santa Cruz Island

The National Park Service (NPS) announces the signing of the Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the replacement of the pier at Scorpion Anchorage on East Santa Cruz Island.

The park plans to replace the existing pier in order to provide safe, accessible, efficient, and sustainable access for visitors at Scorpion Anchorage. The new pier will provide more reliable access during low tide conditions for concessionaire and NPS vessels.

The alternatives considered included taking no action, replacing the pier in its existing location, and replacing the pier at a location approximately 300 feet to the south of the existing location.

The selected alternative is to construct a longer, wider pier to the south of the existing pier that will include a gangway for improved and safer visitor access. Construction is expected to begin in late 2019.

“This is a great day for visitors to Channel Islands National Park, as this significant step in the planning process makes way for a major improvement to critical park infrastructure,” said Channel Islands National Park Acting Superintendent Ethan McKinley. “The new pier at Scorpion Anchorage will be the access point for most visitors to the park for years to come.”

Scorpion Anchorage is the most visited destination in the park, with about 65,000 people coming ashore each year to enjoy recreational activities such as hiking, picnicking, camping, kayaking, and swimming.

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