Vol. 11, No. 17 – May 23 – June 5, 2018 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon:

I read with interest your opinion and Christy Weir’s article in the Breeze edition May 9, 2018 and have a few comments. First thank you both for your common sense approach and “calming” influence. Second, Ms. Weir’s warning about not giving cash to panhandlers is supported by experts in mental health and community support activists.

When we started the St. Vincent DePaul chapter at OLA church several years ago we investigated this issue and found out that since we were vetting the families that we could help it would be better to direct those panhandlers to the nonprofit that was already set up. Therefore we reached the conclusion that it is better to donate to the charity of your choice ( in this case the St. Vincent de Paul Society) rather than take a chance that your well-meaning cash would be misused. Instead give the panhandler a card or letter or otherwise notice ( in our case we handed out cards) informing them where to get help. I will leave it to another article to show where they can get help but for now this simple solution should work.

Lou Vigorita Ventura


Beautiful column in the issue about the homeless issue. I found it both heartfelt and well thought-out. Thank you.

Tom Jacobs Ventura Keys resident
Senior Staff Writer, www.psmag.com

Sheldon :

How can we best address the needs of those in our community who are without proper housing?

Allow me to suggest something that will not appear in cell in a spreadsheet or in an Outcomes-Based Evaluation report.

I am convinced love for others is the key element. and as we are involved with this action and that action it is important that from time to time we check back that love is our primary motivation – that which what leads us.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.” –

I say this as I am aware of instances where I shifted from love being the primary to correcting or fixing others or changing others taking the lead. Are there times we can correct others? Certainly – and if in loving others we correct them or assist them in making change where needed that’s fine – but let’s allow love to be the primary.

And I would not limit this love to only those who need assistance/help in addressing their lack of housing. I must be open to extending love to those who may have a drastically different viewpoint on those experiencing homelessness than myself. This would certainly include those who speak before City Council, with a great deal of heartfelt passion related to their personal experiences. For I must not return anger for passion – I must return love, and encourage that passion be channeled in a manner that uplifts our entire community.

And love and appreciation for others certainly includes our City Council and our Police Department.

We should avoid relegating the responsibility to only our City Council or only our Police Department or our community’s homeless service providers but rather recognizing that all us can contribute to concerns raised. Addressing housing needs and ensuring public safety are not contradictory objectives.

John Sanders Jones

The history of the planet is a history of idiocy highlighted by a few morons who stand out as comparative geniuses.
~ William S. Burroughs

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