Vol. 11, No. 10 – Feb 14 – Feb 27, 2018 – Person to Person

Person to (Little) Person

by Jennifer Tipton

I asked 6 of our younger Venturans ages 6-9, “What do you like about Valentine’s Day? (and are there any secret crushes we should know about?)

Jayson Rivera
age 7
“I really do like to play with my toys and make Valentines, well I really actually buy the Valentines at the store”.
Any secret crushes? “Well … I like Joanna”. (Mom adds “that changes every week”)


Marcia Castor
age 9
“I’m 9 ½, but you can consider me 9, I guess. I like to pass out treats like stickers and gummies to my class”.
No secret crushes. Any special Valentine? “My dog Rocky, he’s a black lab, no boyfriends yet”.
(Mom said she can’t have one until she graduates college and hopes she’ll stick to the contract.)

Brice Peters
age 8
“I like sharing Valentines with candy in them cause I’m pretty sure it’s about sharing and caring.”
Any secret crushes? “No…not really.”
Any special Valentines? “My parents.” (You gotta love this kid!)


Bianca Davis
age 6 ½
“Well, I especially love getting secret admirers! I don’t have any yet … but I wish I had one.”
Any secret crushes? “Are you asking for the truth? Cause then I have to whisper, cause no one wants to hear the truth.”
And she did. (Bianca – your secret is safe with me.)

Tegan Farnsworth
age 9
“I like getting the cards and sometimes they have candy in them, especially the ones with chocolate, those are my favorite!”
No secret crushes. Any special Valentine? “My cat Rascal is my favorite Valentine, I love her!”


Issac Dunlap
age 7
“I make cards for my friends and family with paper, tape and staples. I made one today for my brother. Sometimes I put candy in them like … chocolate chips.”
No secret crushes but Issac tells me his special Valentine is a boy in his class, “my friend Ira, but he already knows”.

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