New play equipment to be installed in various city parks this summer

stuff park insetThis summer will see new play equipment in many of our city parks. Many of our city play structures are very old (up to 30 years) and even dangerous for kids to play on, or don’t meet new State requirements that require soft rubberized areas under some equipment (monkey bars and jungle gyms for instance).  So some will be eliminated and not replaced because of the cost of installing “fall zones” under them. Plans to replace many of the structures has been in the works for 10 years. The new equipment has bright primary colors that appeal to little kids.

The total cost of the equipment and installation at the eight parks to be improved is approximately  $575,000.00. The contractor is playground specialist Dave Bang & Associates who was chosen through a competitive bidding process.

Photos of Arroyo Verde Park by Bernie Goldstein
Photos of Arroyo Verde Park by Bernie Goldstein

The parks that will be receiving new play equipment are Arroyo Verde Park, Juanamaria Park, Camino Real Park, Chumash Park, Marion Cannon Park, Blanche Reynolds Park and Belaire Linear Park.

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