Business Profile: CRAVE introduces “ROAST & AROMA”

The Ventura Chamber held a ribbon cutting at CRAVE.

The development of Gelato Kofi Bar’s captivating design unfolded serendipitously, marked by meaningful encounters with skilled artisans that blossomed into cherished friendships and mentorships. This unique connection shaped the foundation of CRAVE’s distinct approach. They celebrated the New Year with a Ribbon Cutting on January 12th, bringing the community together and kicking off an exciting, SWEET 2024!

CRAVE’s mission goes beyond being just an establishment; it aims to strengthen community bonds. CRAVE introduces “ROAST & AROMA” tasting social experiences, the tastings that delve into the origins of the beans, the farmers, and the cultivation process. It’s an invitation to discover a whole new coffee experience, crafted with purpose and passion.

Enriching the community further, CRAVE will be launching quarterly Art Talk and social events, showcasing local painters, photographers, and like-minded artisans. The first gallery and Art Talk event, featuring the talents of Mouserawk, will be on January 21st from 4-6 pm with nostalgic Vinyl-Cover music. Patrons can also join CRAVE every Sunday afternoon for live jazz sessions from 12-3 pm. Amidst harmonious tunes, one can stroll along Portside Ventura Harbor, enjoying the beautiful promenade while taking in spectacular Ventura sunsets.

CRAVE’s new 2024 logo captures the essence of its coastal location, alongside with a series of upcoming offerings. These include handcrafted gelato pints to take home, crafted cold-brews in refillable growlers, and an array of merchandise such as stickers, aprons, and t-shirts.

Stay tuned for additional information as CRAVE continues to unfold its commitment to community, sustainability, and a rich, immersive coffee culture. For more information, follow CRAVE on Instagram @gelatokofibar. Mention the BREEZE for $1 off $10 Purchases.

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