Vol. 17, No. 09 – Jan 24 – Feb 6, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Note: There was no police action to report.

Sunday 12/31/23

4:00am, receiving multiple requests for entrance conditions since the USCG closed the harbor. At first light officers assessed conditions, advised coast guard its passable, in turn opened the entrance to navigation for mariners/ fishermen.

Tuesday 1/2/24

8:40am, officers transporting city officials to assess damage to the Ventura Pier.

2:37pm, dispatched to difficulty breathing in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to assist the patient.

Wednes 1/3/24

5:16pm, received missing person report from a parent. A 20 y/o male is “foil-boarding” from Rincon to Shellburne lane. Officers were able to locate the missing individual, not in distress 300 yards off Seward with binoculars.

Thursday 1/4/24

5:08pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, officers contacted several fishermen with hoop nets placed illegally near the breakwall. Education was provided.
Saturday 1/6/24 5:05pm, dispatched to a surfer in distress at Greenock Lane. Pulled surfer from water onto the Fireboat and transported to Marina Park dock, no injuries.
Monday 1/8 4:05pm, while on patrol, observed Harbor Cove lifeguard tower was breeched with beer cans everywhere. Officers secured the tower and cleared debris.

11:55pm, received a request to assist a couple locked inside the cabin of their 22ft motor vessel in VIM A-dock. Officers responded and were able to gain access to the cabin after opening the latch on the companionway.

Tuesday 1/9

11:23am, received report of a female transient walking down the middle of Olivas Park Drive. Officers responded but were unable to locate the individual.
Thursday 1/11 5:33am, observed NWS issued a Gale Warning, raised warning pennants.

11:45am, officers assisting bird rescue volunteers capture a bird at Marina Park.

1:00pm, observing the VenturaWaterPure group pulling pipe from Marina Park.

6:55pm, dispatched to a disabled motor vessel at the breakwall. Officers responded in Fireboat, took a 21ft Radon en tow to the launch ramp.

Friday 1/12

12:10pm, conducting preventative maintenance on patrol vessels. Also assisting Port District boat mechanic with wiring the new spotlight for the Fireboat.

5:10pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, received request for a jump start. Officers were able to successfully start the vehicle with a dead battery.

9:35pm, dispatched to a marina fire at VHV D-dock. Officers responded in the Fireboat and found an electric bikes battery smoldering on the dock. No fire and the battery disconnected and no damage to the dock or surrounding vessels.

Saturday 1/13

6:30am, monitoring VenturaWaterPure project at Marina Park. Pipeline is partially submerged, still posing significant hazard. Numerous perimeter vessels are contacting and conducting vessel traffic safety in the area.

2:41pm, received request for assistance removing a trespasser from a sailboat in VIM. Officers assisted VPD with removing the individual from the marina.

3:40pm, observed a disabled motor vessel in the keys, with 2 POB’s utilizing paddles to navigate. Officers responded in the Fireboat, took the vessel en tow.

Sunday 1/14

8:00am, observed NWS issued Small Craft Advisory, raised warning pennant.

9:45am, received report of an injured duck at Harbor Cove. Officers responded, were able to capture an injured Grebe and handed over to rescue volunteers.

9:30pm, received request from US coast guard to monitor VHF 16 while they conduct radio maintenance between 0400 – 0630.

Monday 1/15

9:20am, observed beach clean up crews on the South Beach, officers assisted with delivering filled trash bags to National Park Service collection area.

12:51pm, observed 3 fishing vessels offloading squid with foam/grey water polluting the water. Officers investigating, still on going.

Tuesday 1/16

1:40am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD, and assisted lifting the patient back to bed, no injuries.
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