Business Profile: Strategic Path Financial Group

Tom A. Tyo, MBA, expertly intertwines his lifelong passion for sports, notably soccer, with a distinguished role as an advanced referee with the United States Soccer Federation.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tom is committed to instilling the vital importance of financial planning within his family. Navigating the complexities of financial management, he underscores the necessity for a robust retirement plan to achieve long-term goals, particularly as his two college age children are currently pursuing academic and professional success. Amidst his professional commitments, Tom finds solace and rejuvenation in outdoor pursuits, including hiking, beach outings, motorcycle rides, and playing golf. Tom’s passion for exploration extends to travel, where he, accompanied by his better half named Wendy, eagerly explores new destinations, adding a touch of cultural enrichment to their lives.

Tom’s transition to a seasoned retirement planner is anchored in real-life experiences, having borne witness to the financial tribulations faced by his affluent uncle. A construction executive by profession, his untimely demise in a nursing home serves as a poignant cautionary tale.

Tom’s forthcoming book, “Rich Uncle Mistakes: A Retirement Planning Guide to Help You Avoid the Mistakes That Saw My Millionaire Uncle Die Penniless,” is a testament to his commitment to disseminating sound retirement planning practices and financial literacy. Tom earned an undergraduate degree from San Diego State University, and later achieved a Master of Business Administration degree, further enriching his financial acumen. With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, including noteworthy roles with a fortune 100 company, Tom founded Strategic Path Financial Group, LLC in April 2019. In his current role as Managing Director, Tom remains dedicated to providing unparalleled financial guidance and personalized advice.

As a retirement planner, Tom offers financial advice and personalized guidance. He takes a comprehensive approach to understand each client’s unique needs. With an impassioned commitment to assisting individuals and families in achieving financial security and success, Tom stands as a trusted advisor to clients across Ventura County, California, Washington, and Nevada, embodying both local credibility and professional reliability. Go online to or call our office (805) 392-3205 to request your FREE essential reports today!

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