Upcoming exhibition featuring artist Chris Gocong.

The stark contrast in genres reflects Gocong’s multifaceted identity.

Chris was an NFL football player before retiring in an effort to preserve his health from the long term effects of the CTE associated with the sport.

Christopher Gocong (1983), emerges as a captivating individual, seamlessly blending his illustrious past as an NFL linebacker with a burgeoning career as a visual artist. Renowned for his impactful contributions to the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, Gocong has embarked on a remarkable journey, gracefully transitioning from the adrenaline-fueled gridiron to the nuanced canvas of contemporary art.

While his inherent talent shines through in his adept portraiture, Gocong’s artistic repertoire stretches beyond, exploring realms from dreamy abstractions to lively pop art, showcasing a versatility that defies categorization. As an accomplished painter, his work has garnered significant recognition, earning him a place at the forefront of the contemporary art scene.

Dama Gallery is pleased to premier our first exhibition of 2024 with a solo immersion into the zenith of Chris Gocong’s multidimensional artistry. A luminary straddling the worlds of contemporary art and elite athleticism, Gocong’s artistic opus navigates the complex interplay between his illustrious career as a professional athlete and the nuanced depths of his burgeoning identity as an artist. In a symphony of mediums ranging from dramatic wearable art, evocative and familiar figurative pieces to his most recent abstract paintings that brilliantly showcase his talent for controlled chaos on canvas; Gocong elegantly unravels the dichotomies that have sculpted his remarkable journey.

This collection serves as a visual testament to his optimistic magnanimity as an artist, interwoven with the intricate tension stemming from his formidable achievements in the NFL. The stark contrast in genres and mediums reflects Gocong’s multifaceted identity – a life lived on the field intricately entwined with the profound fulfillment found within the sanctuary of the studio.

Exhibition Dates: January 27 – April 30, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 27th, Time: 6 to 8p
Location: Dama Gallery, 1793 E Main St. Ventura
Curated by Gallerist Yessíca Torres

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