Vol. 17, No. 01 – Oct 4 – Oct 17 2023 – Mailbox


I consider you to be a highly educated person. We have the same Alma Mater (U of M) I am pretty sure you completed your education there.

It’s a shame that the only comments made about Hunter are about drug use and firearm possession. Do you not know how much money he received and the false job titles under fake non-profits?

Sheila Murphy

Sheila: First of all, even though I was born in Detroit I’m a USC grad (Am I still a highly educated person?)To be fair I also said “and perhaps other Biden transgressions far exceeds this particular item.”

Correction to the article, Ventura Women’s Conference:  Balancing the Successful You/
Please go to this website for further information and to register:
It will be on Saturday, October 21.

The burden of the self is enlightened when I laugh at myself.
~ RabindranathTagore

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