Vol. 17, No. 01 – Oct 4 – Oct 17 2023 – As I See It

Vol.17 No.1. Another anniversary.

Printed from 2011 issue:

Wow, another year of publishing the Ventura Breeze has passed, quite amazing and wonderful for the Breeze and for Ventura as we start our fifth year.

When daughter Staci and I decided to launch Ventura’s only local community based newspaper four years ago we didn’t know what to expect or how it would be accepted in the community.

The acceptance of the paper has been simply wonderful and overwhelming.

There are just so many people that I want to thank: my incredibly dedicated and extremely hard working staff, our wonderful writers, distribution folks, photographers, Studio Nothing, our printer and our advertising advisers (that is the correct spelling by the way).

And especially wife Diane for still putting up with me working seven days a week and going out so much to all of the wonderful events that are being presented in Ventura (they just keep growing).

Thanks to Professor Scamp(deceased) for always being there for us, for his always interesting articles; he still doesn’t know that he is famous so he still works for treats, dog food and being treated as if he owns the place (actually not bad pay).

Our readership just keeps growing and our readers continue to tell us that they love reading the Breeze either by a wonderful phone call, or I am stopped in the street by strangers, or by receiving an email letting me know how much the paper is loved, read and appreciated and how wonderful it is that Ventura finally has a local newspaper just serving Ventura. A very special thanks to all of you readers and staff.

Sheldon Brown Publisher

A had some med lab work done and the instructions said FAST, so I ate my breakfast in a hurry.

How quickly our world has changed. Not so long-ago cannabis events would be unheard of. Now, the Ventura County Fairgrounds is considering allowing cannabis shows on the state-owned grounds. The board of directors voted (in a 7-2 vote) to adopt cannabis event guidelines from the California Department of Food & Agriculture (which owns the grounds) and expressed their intent of drafting a policy detailing what could and couldn’t take place at gatherings.

The action was designed to allow negotiations to proceed for a well-known trade show, Hall of Flowers, that has expressed interest in coming to the fairgrounds for an event next year. Staff members said the show could generate more than $50,000 of revenue and noted other cannabis groups have expressed interest in holding events there.

If they can have gun shows, they could certainly have this. Which is more dangerous?

I am occasionally lambasted for being critical of the Trump presidency but not Biden’s. Truth is, I’ve never been critical of Trump’s presidency only of him being a completely immoral and dishonest person. You can decide if he, and Biden are good presidents. I just don’t think an immoral person should be our president. Truthfully, I don’t want either of them to be my president. It’s sad that they might be our choices – that’s it’s, the best we can do in 2024.

A New York judge has found that Donald Trump committed fraud and lied about the value of his assets in a significant portion of a case in which New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing Trump and his company for $250 million.

Certainly not my expertise, but if a person lies on loan documents in order to obtain a loan it seems the banks could take over the properties?

When Moses brought the 10 commandments down the hill, he was so mad at the Israelites that he threw the tablet on the ground and it broke. So only he knew what was on it, maybe he made the whole thing up?

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