Legacy Award nominations now open

Might this person be eligible to be a Legacy Award winner?

by Carol Leish, MA

Consider nominating an exceptional business, organization, or individual that exemplifies commitment to service for: 1) Older Adults; 2) People with Disabilities; and/or, 3) Caregivers. Nominations are now being accepted by the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging between June 1st-September 1st, 2023. Award recipients will be announced in November, 2023.

The 2023 VC Area Agency on Aging Legacy Award Categories include: 1) Business/Organization; 2) Dementia-Friendly Business/Organization; and/or, 3) Community Member (Volunteer Based). The Legacy Awards are designed to recognize businesses, organizations, and community volunteers who have excelled in their roles to help improve the lives of older adults, individuals with disabilities and caregivers.

To nominate an individual, business, or organization, or faith-based organization for this award, the business must meet these requirements: 1) Must be doing business and serving clients within Ventura County: 2) Must be providing services for individuals 60 and older; and 3) Mus bet providing business to individuals with disabilities, and/or caregivers.

Nominating a Dementia Friendly Business/Organization must meet the criteria of: 1) Doing business and serving clients in Ventura County; 2) Exemplifying the Dementia Friendly Ventura County movement; and, 3) Making strides to better the customer service experience for individuals with dementia and their caregivers. The business or organization must also be providing services for individuals 60 and older, individuals with disabilities and/or caregivers.

In order to nominate a Community Member (Volunteer Based), the person nominated or selected to receive the Legacy Award must be living within Ventura County and must be working solely as a volunteer. This individual cannot be receiving pay for work performed on behalf of their fellow Ventura County residents. This person being nominated for this award mut be 60 years old or older and must be providing services for individuals 60 and older, individuals with disabilities, and/or caregivers.

For more information, such as the nominating form, or to learn about past winners of the Legacy Awards, visit https//vcaaa.org/legacy. Or, call: (805) 477-7306. And, submit your nomination form to [email protected].

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