Business Profile: Pierpont Racquet Club

A very young Spencer Garrett at the club ground breaking

When the Pierpont Racquet Club opened in 1977 it was one of the first multi-purpose athletic clubs in the nation. Tennis was increasing in popularity and racquetball was the fastest growing sport in the U.S. As fourth generation Venturans, brothers Scott and Spencer Garrett seized the opportunity to create a facility that would attract not only racquet enthusiasts but also cater to swimmers and fitness enthusiasts.

Over the past 46 years, the private athletic facility has continued to expand its facilities to meet emerging trends. When the Club first opened it offered 8 tennis courts and 4 racquetball courts. Within a few years 4 more tennis courts, 2 more racquetball courts and a second pool were added. Then, in the 1990s as interest in racquetball waned, the Garretts began converting some of their six racquetball courts to fitness areas. Today, the fastest growing sport in the nation is pickleball.

To meet the increasing demand for pickleball, the PRC is converting another of its tennis courts to pickleball. By this summer, the Club will offer 8 pickleball courts. Pickleball and tennis clinics are offered to non-members as well as members under the guidance of James Jensen. With the addition of more courts, the PRC will begin league and interclub play as well as be able to host pickleball parties such as the one recently auctioned off to benefit Interface Children and Family Services.

Last October, the Pierpont Racquet Club celebrated its 45th Anniversary with a dance party on the tennis court that attracted 350 guests. PRC General Partner Spencer Garrett is already looking forward to celebrating 50 years in 2027. When the partnership was formed in 1975, the term of the agreement was 50 years. Not much thought was given to what the club would be like in 20 years let alone 50. Very few family owned and operated businesses last 50 years, but the PRC is still going strong.

What the hot new thing will be in 2027 is anyone’s guess, but the PRC is betting that pickleball will still be going strong. Tennis has certainly stood the test of time and pickleball offers many of the desirable elements of tennis – plus it is easier to get started playing when in the company of friends. Making friends at the PRC has been one of the hallmarks of the Pierpont Racquet Club since its inception.

Drop in and check out our amazing facilities, services, friends, and experience the PRC lifestyle!

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