Open house held at the Grand Jury

Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko was among those at the open house. Photos by Patricia Schallert

The Ventura County Grand Jury invited the public to its annual Open House on Thursday, February 23, at the Grand Jury Chambers located at 646 County Square Dr.

The Grand Jury is a panel of 19 Ventura County citizens who conduct investigations into the operations of local governmental entities within the county. Investigations originate either from a public complaint or from within the Grand Jury.

Visitors were able to tour the Grand Jury Chambers and offices, meet current Grand Jurors, learn about Grand Jury functions and the application process. They also enjoyed the food table that we available.

The primary function of the Jury is civil oversight accomplished through on-site or protocol visits, interviews, briefings, investigations and research.

The Jury publishes reports on its conclusions from their investigations and may make recommendations.

Jurors are paid $25.00 per meeting plus mileage. Therefore, they serve as a service to the communities they serve in Ventura County.

Juror Lori Macdonald told the Breeze why she became a juror. 

Early in my retirement I felt the need to do something meaningful.  I already volunteered in a number of ways in our community but I wanted something that would be challenging for me and make a difference.   I read that the Ventura County Grand Jury was looking for jurors and decided to apply.  I strongly believe that the work that happens within the Grand Jury is important.  It is a way for the citizens to voice their concerns and feel heard.   It is the intrinsic rewards of knowing that what we do matters that make this experience valuable.”  

If you are interested in applying for the Grand Jury or want more information, please visit the Grand Jury website at:

For questions, please email [email protected]

Complaint forms are available at

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