Ventura County’s Channel Islands Gulls announce year of successful fundraising

The Channel Islands Gulls is pleased to announce another successful year of fundraising for 11 Ventura County nonprofit organizations, raising more than $50,000 for the following nonprofits:

California Coastal Horse Rescue; Caregivers, Volunteers Assisting the Elderly; The City Center; Forever Found; The Lighthouse for Women and Children; Many Meals of Camarillo; National Alliance on Mental Illness; Project Understanding; Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation; St. Vincent de Paul; and Safe Passage.

“I am very proud of the continuing and unwavering dedication of the Gulls membership in support of so many Ventura County charities,” said Channel Islands Gulls President, Dina Schwalbach.

In addition to the money raised, the Gulls held drives for household items and toys for some of the charities they support, and many of the Channel Islands Gulls volunteer their time to the charities. Schwalbach explained that the non-profit organizations the Gulls donate to do not receive federal funding. “Through our financial contributions, volunteer hours, and donations of goods we support a variety of grassroots organizations that make a difference for literally thousands of individuals living in Ventura County.”

For more information:

Established in 1976, the Channel Islands Gulls is a Ventura County 501 (c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to raise money for Ventura County non-profit organizations while providing social and emotional support to its members.

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