Water General Manager’s Message

It’s Back-to-School time here in Ventura and we all have a thing or two to learn. I learned that the citizens of Ventura know how valuable of a resource their water is. You took the conservation message to action, and we reported a record drop in water demand in July; 1,195 acre-feet. That’s 34 acre-feet less than June and an overall 28.58% reduction in water usage since we started tracking in 2013! Great job Ventura, and let’s keep it up!

We have spent the summer reaching out to all of you and offering tools and suggestions to reduce our water usage. Thank you for your suggestions and we will look to implement them.

Right now, there is state legislation that is being proposed to set a legal limit on indoor water consumption. The practices we adopt today will have us better prepared for any future limits. Ventura Water will continue to look towards sustaining our water sources and securing additional sources for the future. We are committed to ensure Ventura has a reliable water supply for generations to come.

As the summer ends, staff is focusing on funding opportunities and project design development. The VenturaWaterPure program was recently awarded over $14 million in federal grant monies by the Bureau of Reclamation, to add to the $4.2 million we had already received. This grant will help to make your rate dollars do more to achieve a new water supply and protect the unique environment of the Santa Clara River Estuary. Design and permitting for our projects are moving along and progress is happening.

There are some really great things taking place and you should be proud to be a part of it. Thank you, Ventura!


Gina Dorrington

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