Vol. 15, No. 18 – June 1 – June 14, 2022 – Mailbox


What are Measures A and B, and why is it so important for County voters to vote “yes” when oil companies are saying vote “no”?

Here’s the answer: Approving Measures A and B will confirm that voters agree that all new oil well development in Ventura County should be subject to the modern environmental standards approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2020. When they approved the 2040 County General Plan, the Supervisors approved policies to encourage continued oil development in Ventura County, but also required that any new drilling comply with modern environmental standards protecting air, water, public health, and disadvantaged communities, and which address climate change.

Then oil companies spent millions hiring signature gatherers to put Measures A and B on the June ballot. A YES vote is for applying the modern environmental standards approved by the Board. A No vote is for going back to the old days when oil companies could escape environmental review and standards that protect air, water, and public health, and which address climate change. Now, oil companies are spending $5.5 million more to scare voters into voting no.

Oil companies are spreading lies and misinformation about Yes on A and B.

They say oil production would be shut down – not true. Supervisors made it clear that oil drilling continues to be encouraged – with modern environmental safeguards.

Oil companies say jobs would be lost – not true. Measures A and B do nothing to stop drilling or cause job losses.

They say that gasoline prices would rise if A and B are approved – not true. Nothing is stopping oil companies from drilling.

Now it is up to Ventura County voters to tell oil companies: YES, you can continue to drill for oil, but we expect you to comply with the reasonable environmental standards the Supervisors have already adopted.

Ventura County voters must vote YES on Measures A and B.

Phil White – Ojai

The writer is a former County Planning Commissioner and Air Pollution Control District
Director who now sits on the County Climate Emergency Council

Breeze readers:

The horror of the school shooting in Texas has left me deeply moved, as I am sure it has with all Americans. Solutions need to be found for this problem, a uniquely American Problem.  In the 1950s  Congress met in the face of a rise in Juvenile delinquency (it seems so tame by todays standards) and held hearings.

They heard from psychologists and so-called experts who blamed comic books for the problem. Such horror comics as “Crypt of Terror” were blamed and banned from the public. (The creators of these comics–changed and started to produce a humor magazine called Mad that had great impact).  A new Congressional hearing need to be held on the causes of these school shootings. Its not comic books now but, I suspect, its violent, bloody videogames.

All of the shooters seemed to have played these games to obsession until the idea of killing becomes ‘normal’ to them so they re-enact the horrors in real life.  TV and movies help to re-enforce the carnage. People are becoming  hardened by these games they play each day to the point where human life is cheapened.  I do not know if video games are the problem, but an investigation is needed. I suspect there isn’t one cause but several. More mental health hospitals do need to be built and manned by trained competent doctors and psychologists.  This deeply troubled young man should never have been permitted to own a firearm–any firearm.  Deeply troubled people need to be helped before they become deadly shooters bent on a high body count.
Richard Senate

Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Where …is our backbone?
~ President Biden

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