Vol. 15, No. 13 – Mar 23 – Apr 5, 2022 – Mailbox

Hi Sheldon,
Great article in your paper today (3-9) about human trafficking!
Smiles, Tammy Morrell

These binoculars were left in Ventura. If you can tell us where and they are yours let very honest Trevor know at [email protected].

Ventura Wave
Ventura is a mornings journey off the coast.
A wooden pier that navigates out to the islands, As the seagulls return through a Pacific inlet, On arrival with wings, they return our tide.
Their gully horn is a captain’s bellow,
“Leave our shores; we arrive with ocean orders.
As a coastal breeze flutters in from the sea,
Our sandy shores animate Ventura past Dawn.
The seagulls drawl in the perfect wave.
by Jeff Russell

Forecasting is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.
~ Edgar Fiedler


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