The Bookmark About Libraries and Friends

by Jill Forman

Foster Library Temporarily Closed

Due to a water leak, Foster has been closed while the damage is assessed and mitigated. As of this writing, the re-opening date is not determined. The safety of the public and library staff will be the deciding factor.

Remember – you can still get books! The library has its online ordering and Hill Road is open with its sale shelves as well as pickup of library items.

Update on Online Bookstore

Pickups are on hold until Foster re-opens, as the inventory and items awaiting pickup are stored in the library.

Here is a note from online bookstore manager Leslie Bellmore: This April Ventura Friends of the Library online bookstore will have Vintage books on sale for $1 -$5. They don’t make books like these anymore, some with hand drawn illustrations and special bindings. All books have been selected by former librarians and teachers as quality books worth collecting and keeping to share with future generations. Buy online and pick up at Foster Library Bookstore, open Tuesday through Sat 11am to 4pm.

Friends of the Library Had a Book Sale!

We were so happy to once again have a large book sale last Saturday, March 19. I will report on it in the next column.

Exciting Musical Event scheduled for March 26 (check library website to see if Foster has re-opened)

(from library press release)

Ventura’s E.P. Foster Library will present a musical program, Lyrical Literature: The Songs and Theater Music of Ross Care, at 2pm on Saturday, March 26, in the Topping Room of Foster Library. Care is both a composer and a published author, and this program will be based on musical literary associations from poetry and theater.

Musically he has worked in a variety of styles from art songs to theater and film music. His scores for short films include Otto Messmer and Felix the Cat, and his musicals of Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and Gibran’s The Prophet have been performed nationally. His incidental score for The Glass Menagerie was heard in the Rubicon and Ojai Art Center productions, and his Rock Mass was recently performed in Ventura.

As an author/film historian Care has also written extensively on films and film music of the studio era for the Library of Congress, and the magazine, Scarlet Street. He has also written program notes for the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. His biography of Disney studio animator/director, Wilfred Jackson, was recently published by Theme Park Press and is available in the Foster Library collections.

Tyler Carlisle will serve as musical director/pianist with guest instrumentalists from Los Angeles, Ted Nichelson, harp, and Juan Antonio Rivera, flute. The vocal ensemble will include Ventura vocalists Dianna Burdick, Molly Kohler Pei, Steve Perren, and Peter Umipig. Ross Care will be serving as moderator.

This event is free and open to the public. For additional information, contact Karen Cruze, Librarian Specialist, at (805) 648-2716.




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