Vol. 15, No. 12 – Mar 9 – Mar 22, 2022 – Mailbox

Mr. Editor:

You are too easy on Trump. He is a complete A-hole— amazingly incompetent. Also, your review of guns is insufficient. We need constitutional amendment to really limit guns. No chance of course, but worth the battle, thanks for your little paper.

Robert A. Lombardi an old guy.

I can’t argue with a person who agrees with me. Trump fans certainly don’t.
Old guys rule

Ocean Communication

Morning will linger, supposing the Dawn.
It prefers the low tide in search of sunrise,
Where never seen colors tint ocean waters.
Ventura invites us to look for the new day.
So we hold on to the Pacific with an ocean anchor,
The coastal shores have enduring views,
As the evening paints, the colors in dusk,
It carves the crescent moon in sunset blue.
A swell is a modest impression of the ocean,
The open passage of rare sea images,
When tiny creatures are the unexpected visit,
A meaningful way to communicate with the ocean floor.

by Jeff Russell

We use 10% of our brains. Imagine how much we could accomplish if we use the other 60.
~ Ellen DeGeneres

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