Vol. 15, No. 07 – Dec 29,2021 – Jan 11, 2022 – Mailbox


I would like to give a shout out to Standard Industries, a recycling center in Saticoy where I have frequented many times to drop off recyclables. As a volunteer for Canine Adoption and Rescue League in Santa Paula, I have started a recycling fundraiser and use the proceeds to do repairs to the kennel and add money to our winterizing fund to get dog heaters to the kennels.  Therefore, I am a frequent customer at this facility and on average go there with my recyclables three times a week.

Every time I am there all the employees are very courteous to all the customers and myself. This includes the employees who bring over the wagons with bins in the parking lot and assist you in unloading your car, the employees who weigh your recyclables, the fork lift operator who is always on the look out for customers coming and going in the parking lot and the cashiers.

Standard Industries has also donated money to CARL in the past as we are a non profit, no kill and all breed dog rescue. It is always a pleasure to interact with the employees and I can now tell you they are my friends as well.  By the way, in the six years I have been taking my recyclables to this facility, I see the same smiling faces so I know the employees are treated well. It is nice to see a company such as this in our community.

Marsha Moreland


From last issue events:
The Poinsettia Pavilion proudly presents a musical evening of dancing to the Ralph Mathis band (brother of the late Johnny Mathis) from 7pm – 9:30pm. $10 at the door and refreshments will be served. The Poinsettia Pavilion is located at 3451 Foothill Rd. in Ventura. For more information call 805-648-1143 or visit www.poinsettiapavilion.org.

Johnny Mathis is alive and well. Born September 30, 1935 (age 86 years).
Thanks to Ivor Davis for pointing this out.

Nothing is really lost. It’s just where it doesn’t belong.
~ Suzanne Mueller

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