Vol. 14, No. 25 – Sept 8 – Sept 21, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


7:33am, received a report of car vandalism near Surfers Knoll parking lot. Officers investigated and found the word “Donkeys” written in surf wax on windows of the vehicle. No other damage or the perpetrator were found.


10:50am, received report of a water rescue, surfer in distress at the South Jetty. Officers responded in Fireboat 1 to assist a surfer who was caught in a rip current. The victim refused assistance, officers escorted to Harbor Cove.

2:15pm, received report of stingray strike at Harbor Cove. Officers obtained and delivered hot water to State Parks lifeguards for treatment of puncture wound.


10:35am, due to film shoot & excellent surfing conditions, observed a high volume of vehicles searching for parking around the village and beach parking lots. Officers assisted with opening closed lots & directing traffic to open spots.

11:33am, received request for hot water from State Parks Lifeguards for preventative actions for sting ray strikes at Harbor Cove, delivered hot water.


12:18pm, while on patrol in Rescue B-19, observed a boat club vessel in violation of speed and wake ordinance near the mid harbor area. Warnings and education of local laws and safety inspection were conducted.

2:02pm, dispatched to a stingray strike at Harbor Cove from State Parks lifeguards. Officers responded with hot water to treat the puncture wound.

11:20pm, received report of a female transient screaming at people. Officers responded and observed the subject running away onto the beach. Attempts to locate the subject on the beach and determine wellness were unsuccessful.


1:23am, observed and contacted a large group of juveniles loitering with their vehicles near Harbor Cove. After repeated requests to leave, the group departed.

3:53am, while on patrol, officers observed graffiti on the Harbor Cove restrooms and lifeguard tower, likely scrawled by the large group of juveniles from earlier.


9:01pm, observed an RV driving around aimlessly around the harbor parking lots. Officers contacted and the female drive advised her brakes don’t work. She asked if we had a cup of tea. Educated about camping ordinance.


4:52pm, dispatched to a vehicle shearing off a fire hydrant in front of the Ventura Yacht Club. Officers responded in vehicle and found the hydrant but unable to locate vehicle. Ventura Fire secured water flowing from the hydrant.


9:35am, officers assisting Ventura PD with contacting and mapping transient camp sites in the Santa Clara Riverbottom to remove the campers.

4:25-5:05pm, received two separate reports of stingray strikes from State Parks at Harbor Cove. Officers responded with hot water to treat the puncture wounds. One of the patients was struck on both left and right feet. Strikes are painful.

10:04pm, received a report of loud music near the Harbor Cove Café. Officers responded and found a group of 50+ bicyclists in the Harbor Cove parking lot dancing and frolicking. The group apologized and began to gather their bikes.


9:10am, officers proctoring 500-meter tryout swim for a Ventura Harbor Patrol Officer I position in the Pierpont Basin from the Fireboat for a few participants.


9:00am, officers proctoring another 500-meter swim for Ventura Harbor Patrol officer I. Five candidates completed the process so far.

1:01pm, Received report from State Parks of a disabled vessel in the swim area at Harbor Cove. Officers responded in Rescue B-17, assisted TowBoat US.


5:16pm, received report of a disabled skiff in front of State Parks Headquarters. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19, found the skiff anchored as reported. The skipper was taken onboard and the small craft was towed to the launch ramp.





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