Seaside Highland Games cancelled

It is with deep regret the Board of Directors for the Seaside Highland Games is compelled to announce that the 2021 Games will not take place.​

Although the Board worked diligently with the Ventura County Fairgrounds to seek ways to hold the 2021 Games, the options presented by the Fairgrounds eliminated our access to major portions of the Fairground’s parking and event facilities. After much discussion, the Board determined that, given the significant limitations currently mandated by the Fairgrounds, it would not be possible to hold Games that would in any way provide the level of entertainment and quality of experience Seaside has proudly delivered for the past 17 years.​

While this is an extremely disappointing result of careful and time-consuming negotiations, the Board has been assured that the Fairgrounds intend to return to full access for 2022. Accordingly, the Board is committed to providing an outstanding games experience and will be back next October the 8th and 9th for a triumphant return.

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