Her love for volleyball lead her to become a certified volleyball referee

Volleyball is her passion.

Colleen Garner is a volleyball fanatic. It all started in the 8th grade when she asked her mother to enroll her in the famous Al Scates Volleyball Camp in Santa Barbara.

Colleen was born in Burbank but lived in many San Fernando Valley cities. She attended John Burroughs High School and Glendale College where she played on the volleyball team.

She continued to play volleyball (her passion) after college and in 1982 was part of a co-ed team that won the national tournament. Hooked with the game she played everywhere she could night and day.

While growing up she visited relatives in Ventura for many many years and fell in love with the city. In May of this year, she made Ventura her permanent.

Her love for volleyball lead her to become a certified volleyball referee over 30-years ago. She first refereed with the San Fernando Valley Unit. And now the Channel Coast Unit where she referees high school and adult leagues. She referees throughout the area and looks forward to local high school’s starting their volleyball season so that she can referee here also.

She explained “We need to take continuing referee courses because volleyball is an unusual sport because the rules are constantly changing.” She needs to receive a yearly certificate to continue refereeing where they need to pass a 100-question exam.

Professionally she has worked for Body By Jake and other positions.

Many people watching the Olympics’ volleyball wondered why there was one player wearing different colors and was smaller than most of the other players so we asked Colleen to explain.

“Libero” is a back row defensive specialist, who has impeccable ball control skills and quick to get balls up and allows exciting plays to continue.  They were added to international competition in 1998. NCAA women’s volleyball incorporated them into the game in 2002 and high school started utilizing them in the 2006-2007 season.”

The Libero wears a contrasting color from the other players uniform so the official can see them clearly on the court.  They are never allowed to rotate into the front row.  A great addition to the game!”

A multi-tasking lady, besides her refereeing Colleen also has her own business “Call Colleen” (818-669-9083) where she provides whatever services one needs including errands grandchild care, pet care and other personal assistant services. She also manages to work part-time at Annie’s Portside apparel & clothing located at Portside Ventura Harbor.

Note: In her left hand is an electric whistle that is necessary because of the wearing of COVID masks while officiating. 

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