Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation celebrates anniversary

The Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation (Cabrillo EDC) is the largest developer of affordable homes in Ventura County. With 24 properties, 1,159 homes and future projects in development, the organization is celebrating 40 years of home.

Founded in 1981, Cabrillo EDC’s early roots were in response to a farmworker community’s demand for secure housing. Rooted in community-building and ongoing support, their mission aims to provide comprehensive affordable housing services and community economic development activities to residents most lacking in opportunity.

Recognized as a leader in affordable housing statewide and nationally, Cabrillo EDC has worked to contribute to positive and sustainable change in the region and improve the quality of life for thousands of residents by providing affordable home communities, resources, social opportunities and educational programs. These programs include homework clubs, adult empowerment, nutrition and fitness, and youth leadership development.

“These programs are a vital part of what we do,” said Luz Soto, Director of Property Management and Resident & Community Services. “We are not just in the business of building housing. Building communities is an important part of our mission and it enables us to create opportunities for residents to focus on the other aspects of life – from saving money, supporting their children’s education, finding better employment, and much more.”

Liza F, a mother of three, found herself homeless and separated from her children, who were sleeping in their cars or with friends in her congregation She moved into Snapdragon II apartments in Ventura and is thrilled to have a safe, stable home. “It was hard to be apart from my boys. I had to sleep in the street and the beach.” Liza says being homeless took a toll on all of them emotionally and mentally and that having a home helps her feel like a mom again. “it’s a great feeling to feel that way again. They [Cabrillo EDC] opened the door for me. It is a beautiful place and I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be a mom and a place to call my home.”

“Cabrillo EDC has been making dreams come true, one home at a time, and we are thrilled to celebrate our Ruby Anniversary this year,” said Chief Executive Officer Margarita H. de. Escontrias. “We believe home is more than a place to live, and our success is the result of decades of passion, dedication and vision.”

The Cabrillo EDC impact reaches far and wide across the community. To date, the corporation has built 48 multifamily and single-family developments throughout Ventura County. In addition to the educational programs and community services, Cabrillo EDC has awarded $3,250 in community-building mini grants and $77,400 in student scholarships. They look forward to future projects, which include the completion of 42 units for farmworkers in South Oxnard, and 75 units for seniors in Buellton, CA.

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