CAPS Media 2020 – 2021

The 2020 CAPS Media Annual Report is available on the CAPS Media website for those who want to take a quick trip down memory lane. Go to and click on the documents link.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented considerable challenges for the CAPS Media team throughout the year and a half, however despite the obstacles CAPS Media crews covered more than 200 live meetings, totaling more than 430 hours. City related meetings include City Council, Design Review Committee, Economic Development Strategy Committee, Historic Preservation, Measure O Oversight, Mobile Home Rent Review Board, Safe and Clean and Homeless Committee. CAPS Media broadcasts and streams many of these meetings live on CAPS Media Channel 15 and on the CAPS Media website – Rebroadcast meetings exceed 580 meetings and 1600 hours.

During the past 18 months CAPS Media video crews have been producing more than 220 individual informational videos, including monthly Mayor updates, videos from other City Council Members, Ventura Police and Ventura Fire and educational tours of Olivas Adobe. For the 2020 elections CAPS Media produced its’ Video Voter program featuring city council and school board candidates as well as informative videos on ballot initiatives.

Throughout the COVID crisis CAPS worked with County staff on live weekly COVID updates, as well as informative, educational, and instructional videos for the Ventura County Medical Center.

CAPS Media’s KPPQ Radio crew continued providing the community with 24×7 creative, original, locally produced, non-commercial programming. The resourceful KPPQ DJs continued producing high-quality, innovative programming in their home studios week in and week out. The local crew’s original programs combined with specially selected licensed programs fueled distribution 24×7 on KPPQ 104.1fm and stream worldwide on and myTuner Radio.

KPPQ has trained more than 100 member/producers; produced more than 600 hours of original music shows and more than 300 hours of Ventura Community talk show programs.

CAPS Media staff educator Phil Taggart continued to mentor El Camino High School students in the award-winning ECTV media education program. A student internship and career pathways program, the students write, direct, host and edit magazine-style programs on a variety of topics Student addressed the issues drug abuse and discrimination to racial prejudice and more in their self-titled ECTV series.

The CAPS Media Annual includes introductions to the CAPS Media Staff: Evan Carpenter, Jamie Cawelti, Patrick Davidson, Jorge Godinez, Donald McConnell, Manny Reynoso, Elizabeth Rodeno, Gary Roll, Phil Taggart and Alex Uvari. And introduce the dedicated CAPS Media Board of Directors: Cliff Rodrigues, Chairperson, Darryl Dunn, Vice Chairperson/Treasurer, Kathleen Good, Secretary, Pam Baumgardner, Michael Velthoen, Cathy Peterson, Bill Schneider, Ashley Bautista for the County, Heather Sumagaysay and Barry Fisher, for the City of Ventura, Marieanne Quiroz, VUSD, and Tim Harrison and Lisa Putnam, Ventura College.

The California Recall Election is in full swing and every registered voter is encouraged to cast their ballot. For information on voter registration go to or call 805-654-2664. Mailed in ballots must be postmarked, placed in a dropbox or delivered to a polling place by 8 pm on September 14.

All of us at CAPS Media encourage everyone to get vaccinated. The sooner we are all vaccinated the sooner we can fully enjoy our beautiful community, and the sooner we can reopen the CAPS Media Center to our Members and the public. Our thanks to everyone for continuing to Stay Safe and Stay Strong.

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