Vol. 14, No. 24 – Aug 25 – Sept 7, 2021 – Mailbox


San Buenaventura could run out of water. Really. We have only local supplies to rely on and they are very low and dependent on fall and winter rains (in 2021-22) for real re-supply. We need lots of rain to fill our lake, river, streams and aquifers.Will they come? If you think this is just a severe drought, you might think so. If you think climate change has shifted water and air currents in new, possibly permanent directions, steering rain away from us, then no.


As we fret over the size and height and the number of new housing units in our city, we need to ask where will the water come from to supply these new residents? We are told the new buildings are more efficient users of water, but what water? Obviously water we existing residents depend on. We are soon going to feel the squeeze of new water restrictions, based on diminishing local supplies and the impact of thousands of new local residents in the new housing buildings.  

How do we get the public and our City Council and Planning Commission and staff members and local elected to stop developing new housing until we have adequate water to support it and keep existing residents supplied with what we need? Our slow or stubborn response to these environmental realities could hurt us locally and globally.

We must petition our local government to develop only what we have water to support, based not on historical models but new environmental realities facing us every day.

Bob Chianese


On the topic of the feral cat problem throughout Ventura County: Over the past 20 years I have had many discussions with Ventura County Animal Regulation and yet the problem continues. I have written numerous letters to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors on this issue, as have others that are very involved with this effort.

Most recently, I was informed that the feral cat problem was (finally) going to be discussed with the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Animal Regulation on August 12, 2021. It has now been postponed until November 2021.

While I fully appreciate that there are many issues facing our civic leaders, the continued lack of discussion, engagement or acknowledgement to those who continue to express concern is troubling. We cannot, as good citizens, continue to ignore this massive problem with the hope that ‘someone else’ will take care of it or worse yet, that it will simply go away. We can no longer afford magical thinking. Solutions must be explored that enhance the ability of Animal Regulation to assist more broadly and actively where feral cats are concerned. Also with Animal Regulation, we must collaboratively increase opportunities for feral spay and neuter surgeries.

As responsible citizens, community members and human beings, we must be the voice, the caretakers, the stewards and the advocates for animal welfare.

My second issue is people come to the SPAN Thrift Store on weekends to find a place to euthanize an animal when it is an emergency situation, i.e., hit by car, seizures, etc. and so far the only answer I can help with is go to their vet or VSMG, which runs about $500. Ventura County Animal Regulation has licensed vet even in the daytime on weekends to do this. I feel this is wrong.

Valerie Bereman

SPAN Thrift Store

Dear Mr. Editor (Sheldon)

I agree the city parking lots can be a horrible filthy mess.  Maybe they could get the city owned Street Sweepers to brush by the parking lots once a week.

Which parking lot were you reviewing?  We have a lot along the shoreline. THE CONCRETE MULTI-STORY ONE NEXT TO ALOHA.

Along with Ancient Aliens and Spinach you could add Broccoli, Grits, Collard Greens, Mustard greens, Turnip greens, Poke Sallet, Corn Pone, and anything that crawls up out of the mud and looks like a tiny Lobster.  

I look at the Aliens from a different perspective.  They left thus junk here because they didn’t want in their world.  As for Popeye, he didn’t look much like an Earthling before or after Spinach.  Olive Oyl and Bluto could have been Disney character before Micky Mouse.

 Regarding newspapers, it went on to say; “Especially notable is a loss of reporting in smaller towns, suburbs and real areas. Leaving thousands of American Communities with no local coverage.”  A way that the government might help the failing news industry is by way of a bill that has bipartisan support in Congress.” 

This goes to show that once in a “Blue Moon” Congress can agree on some things.  (PS You’re right we don’t have a Blue Moon this month, but it’s coming someday!).

 “This country has, for whatever reason, also refused to produce the network routers.”


For a moment I thought you were going all the way back to Al Gore, but he was only a wannabe President.

Michael Gordon

He only is happy as well as great who needs neither to obey
nor command in order to be something.
~ Johann Goethe


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