Ventura city staff to receive pay raises

by Richard Lieberman

Ventura city staff are going to receive salary increases. The pay raises will affect 550 Ventura city employees. At a recent City Council meeting the council unanimously voted to approve salary increases of about 2.0 % for 118 staff represented by the Ventura Maintenance Employees Association, the Ventura Police Officer’s Association and for an unrepresented employee’s groups.

Additionally, groundskeepers, welders, and others in the maintenance group are slated for a 2.25% increase that is scheduled to begin on July 10th. Also included will be an additional 2.25% lump payment.

Currently the Ventura Police Association, which counts 129 officers, corporals, and sergeants will receive a 0.25% salary increase. The salary increase is scheduled to take effect starting the week of May 25th. Also, a one-time payment of $211.80 instead of a retroactive pay increase to January 1st. The association will also receive a one-time, lump sum payment of 2.25%, plus a 2% salary increase effective July 10th.

The salary increases are included in 18-month agreements with the city. The contracts are scheduled to expire June 30, 2022.

A total of 79 employees who are unrepresented will receive a 2.25% salary increase beginning July 10 and a one-time payment totaling 2.25% of their salary. In lieu of retroactive pay, the employees requested an increase in their deferred compensation in January.

Ongoing negotiations with the Ventura Fire Association and the Police Management Associations will result in a 2% pay increase. The 2% salary increase also includes a 0.25% increase they received following the city’s approval of their contract in January.

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