Vol. 14, No. 18 – June 2 – June 15, 2021 – Opinion/Editorial

∙ In a previous issue, we had and article, along with my comments regarding a proposed Haley Point 72-unit townhome residential project on a 4.3-acre site in mid-town. I generally favored the project. The Ventura Planning Commission, by a 4-0 vote, has approved the development to be located on Channel Dr.

There was some opposition to the development mostly over density and parking.

An appeal can be filed within 10 days of the planning commission decision. Such an appeal would cost $1,000. If the project is appealed, it could be heard by the City Council by the end of June.

∙Finally, Ventura is moving closer to the opening of commercial cannabis businesses by proceeding with the permit application process and evaluation criteria. With the closing of the card club in Ventura, the City is losing several million dollars in tax money that this might make up for.

An Orientation “Kick Off” Meeting will be scheduled for mid-June. At this Orientation

Meeting, consultants and staff will review all application materials including the

Procedures and Guidelines. This meeting is for potential applicants, landlords, and other

interested parties to learn about the requirements in the application process.

Application Period 1 will be open for a 45-day period from Monday, June 28 – Thursday,

August 11, 2021 @ 4:00 pm. Application Period 1 will still only allow for businesses to

apply outside of the Coastal Zone for up to 3 retail and 10 industrial-type permits.

Ventura has a new timeline to bring up to 15 cannabis businesses to the city.

The city announced it was pushing back its window for businesses to apply for a cannabis permit to June 28-Aug. 11.

The city did not want to hold an application kick-off meeting, originally set for May 19, or the launch of the permit program prior to a council update later this month, said Ventura spokeswoman Heather Sumagaysay.

Last week, the council did adopt a resolution authorizing two application periods; one for coastal businesses and one for inland; for a commercial cannabis program with a maximum of 15 businesses.

The first application period, scheduled to start June 28, is for non-coastal zone applicants. The second application period would begin after the California Coastal Commission gives its approval, which is expected before the end of the year.

Speaking about marijuana, more than three months after voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot question legalizing adult use of the drug in New Jersey, it has become law.

Also, in San Diego, a Superior Court judge has reduced felony marijuana records for 26,000 people to misdemeanor convictions and additionally some 1,000 people with misdemeanor marijuana convictions had those cases completely dismissed.

Leave lots of time to meet your train.

∙ If you are taking the AMTRAK, next to the Fairgrounds, leave yourself a lot of extra time to drop people off or park your car because you might get very confused. Normally, you can drive into the large Fair parking area, drive over by the tracks and park or drive through to drop off folks. Because the parking lot is closed, you can’t do this. And the street next to the tracks is

one-way only. The only way to drive up is to take Olive to the end to what looks like an alley and take that to the train.

One of our clever readers suggested driving backwards up the one-way street so it looks as if you are driving in the right direction. This is, of course illegal, and I wouldn’t suggest doing something illegal.

∙ Drivers throughout the country are complaining about the high cost of gas. The national average price at the pumps is around $3.00 – the highest price in 7 years. We should be so lucky to pay only $3.00.

∙ Earthlings are always concerned that aliens are going to land here. I’m sure when they fly over earth and see what an incredible mess we have made of it they just turn around and fly home. Perhaps they bring students here to show them what happens when people do awful things, so they appreciate where they live in a parallel universe.

∙ When state’s pass laws restricting abortions and women have kids that they can’t afford I think that the state should be required to support the kids until they are 18 – just like any father should need to do.

∙ Senate Republicans have blocked creation of a bipartisan panel to study the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, which, in my opinion was one of the worst days in our history. It certainly felt like as I was watching it. I assume this was to show party loyalty to former President Donald Trump.

The Senate vote was 54-35, short of the 60 votes needed to take up a House passed bill that would have formed a 10-member commission evenly split between the two parties.

Six Republicans (my heroes) voted with Democrats to move forward. 11 senators (nine Republicans and two Democrats) missed the vote, with some saying they had scheduling conflicts. This is inexcusable to me and just shows that they were gutless.

Certainly, we need to determine the cause of this insurrection, how it can be prevented in the future and why Capital police were completely unprepared for it. I would think all politicians should see this as their obligation to the country regardless of their party.

∙ Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a bill to allow public schools to offer yoga, ending a ban that stood for nearly 30 years. Christian conservatives who back the ban said yoga would open the door for people to be converted to Hinduism. How absurd is this.

The new law allows yoga to be offered as an elective, for grades K-12. While it erases a ban that some schools had not realized existed, it also imposes restrictions on how yoga should be taught. Students won’t be allowed to say “Namaste,” for instance. Meditation is not allowed. They also aren’t allowed to say evolution (I made that up but it would be just as stupid).

As goes yoga, goes the world.

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