Vol. 14, No. 12 – Mar 10 – Mar 23, 2021 – Mailbox


I live at the WAV.  I park on the street, usually two blocks away.  I am handicapped and if these constructions continue, there will be no where to park for us that live in the area.
This Samet construction consists of 19 units. 17 will be two bedroom.  They will have 17 parking spaces for the building while taking away 16 spaces that are existing.  Please help us to bring awareness to the parking situation in this area.

Samet Apartments-19 units 4 stories that is replacing the car wash at the corner of Garden and Santa Clara Streets. The developer is asking the City to give away 16 angled parking spaces along Garden so they can build a larger project. Some residents of the WAV are now being charged to park at their own building and some are forced to park in unsafe areas nearby. As it is now, it is very challenging to find parking in the area for the existing businesses and restaurants. Additionally there is a proposed remodel of an existing apartment complex nearby that is adding units and decreasing the number of parking spaces, clearly adding to the already frustrating and nerve-racking parking situation. Furthermore, developers are asking to exceed the 15% 4th floor density by 12%. Please send your concerns to devservices@cityofventura.ca.gov or DRC@cityofventura.ca.gov and specify Samet Apartments Project-11836.

Thanking you in advance, Laurel Huggins


While I certainly sympathize with your concerns (which are warranted) this problem really started with the completely inadequate parking on site for the WAV residents when it was built. I was involved very early on with the WAV (part of the groups that interviewed the initial artist residents) and was concerned about many of the problems that I saw in the design including the parking. When I inquired about the inadequate parking provided I was told this was done on purpose to force residents to use public transportation and bicycles. This, of course never happened because we are a car culture, so the problem has existed since the WAV was constructed.


Dear Publisher Brown 

Believe it or not, we had 125 people registered for our meeting last month, in which candidates for the City Council seat for District 4 took part in a panel!!

I thought you would like to know this, because your calendar listings in the Breeze have helped increase our attendance, which has grown exponentially.

Thank you again for supporting our Community Council, and citizen participation at the grass roots level.

We hope this finds you and all the Breeze staff staying well.

Best Regards,

Norene Charnofsky for the East Ventura Community Council


I just got a quick read of today’s edition and thought I would give some thought to your section.

cannabis dispensaries in Ventura.

It seems a shame the City Council cannot see the flow of taxable dollars going to Monterey County for growing Pot among the Redwood trees, when it could be generating millions in the fertile soil of Ventura. On the other hand if the County got behind the movement they could change the nickname of Oxnard from Bean town to Weed town.

An interesting observation on the penalty for school foot traffic. What days of the week will that be measured? Who will measure? What time? If on a Wednesday morning 10 kids (ages ???) walk down the street on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the cannabis, does that count?

I have a feeling the City is crusin’ for a brusin’ when this goes to Court.

Presidential Power It can be a problem, especially when we have a Congress like we have had over several years that cannot agree on anything together. When we have a 50-50 split, or near 50-50, and no one can give an inch, we need a leader in the presidency who can take the reigns of authority and steer the ship of government. Right or wrong something has to be done. And if the leader makes a misstep the next president can correct the error.

In case you are wondering about some of the spelling in my replies, I spent 10+ years in NE Texas and acquired some of the local attitudes and phrasings.

Michael Gordon

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
~ Phillip Stanhope

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