Vol. 14, No. 06 – Dec 16 – Dec 29, 2020 – Mailbox


As a lifelong progressive, I disagree with California and other government entities shutting down outdoor dining. Yes Covid-19 cases are surging, but are they a result of outdoor dining? The Mayo Clinic judges it a low to moderate risk behavior:


The consequences for restaurant owners and staff are devastating. They have invested in all sorts of tables, platforms and pavilions outdoors and made paper menus, and the wait staff wears masks, etc. You are not forced to patronize these restaurants, and you decide which ones to visit, if any.

I have fish tacos with a buddy once a week at a seaside eatery with outdoor tables on a parking lot patio. The masked wait person brings the food to the table in a bag to us, sitting quite far apart. Downtown Ventura shut down our Main Street so restaurants could offer food on sheltered platforms and pavilions in the street. We judge this very safe and have meals there about once a month. We also patronize our local eateries with take out orders.

We are cancelling any family plans for the holidays and beyond–until our age and health group gets vaccinated–how long will that be? Who knows?

Economically shutting down restaurants that serve outdoor meals is a bad plan. I won’t go into the angry public reaction it’s already causing. This is overreach on the part of our officials and adds to the chaos and distress the pandemic is causing.

Bob Chianese Ventura


Hope you and family had a wonderful holiday.

Cannabis businesses – Let them grow and sell the junk in the river bottoms.  Let Nature have its way.

Sagittarius A – Sagittarius A doesn’t have a ghost of a chance in sucking us into it’s black hole.  Global Warming Climate Change will kill us all first!

Mail-in ballots – If they were handled in the same way as in years past.  When a voter registers to vote and declare a party affiliation they can select a mailed out ballot.  That is okay and works very well.  But, when the state mails everybody a ballot and allows them to drop it off anywhere convenient, that is not okay.

Representing the Trump – President Trump single highhandedly lost his own election with his big mouth and tweets!  He is now acting like a 4-year-old spoiled Brat!

Michael Gordon

Heads I win, tails Biden loses.”

We are a nation of laws, not of men. When a nation’s laws are flouted by the political leadership it is only a matter of time until the populace shows the same disrespect for law and order.
~ John Adams


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