Vol. 14, No. 05 – Dec 2 – Dec 15, 2020 – Mailbox

Ventura Breeze

When watching expert speakers on TV you can tell how intelligent they are by how many books are shown behind them. The fewer the number of books the less intelligent they are. Unless, of course they hire Rent A Book to bring bookshelves full of books to their office or home for the shoot.

Larry Master Ojai


I didn’t write this (got from CNN)but I think it is important to read.

Although the Aragonez family is still healing after a COVID-19 outbreak, they took the time to make a public service announcement warning against large family gatherings. It’s tradition for many families to gather during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. But with the coronavirus global pandemic, those gatherings could turn Thanksgiving dinner into a superspreader event.

The Aragonez family is now living with the consequences of a large family gathering November 1; 15 members of the Arlington, Texas-based Aragonez family have since tested positive for the coronavirus. All of the 12 people who were at the get-together tested positive for COVID-19, Alexa Aragonez said — four lived at the house and eight were visiting. She said those family members then infected another three, bringing the total to 15.

Diane Brown

Hello Sheldon:

I noted the police report on the police involved shooting at Harbor and Seaward earlier this month.  The Ventura P D has released a detailed video of the shooting.  The video takes the viewer directly in front of the arresting officer who had to shoot the perp after the perp began shooting at the officer.

You may begin receiving hate message or mail because you printed the report, to those you can send them this YouTube link, Ventura Police stop armed Man.

This type of public transparency should be offered to all cities across the US, but for some it will do no good.

Bravo Ventura Police Department.

Michael Gordon

Michael: Can’t hate the messenger we only reported it not make it up.


Just wanted to say thank you for publishing my letter (regarding metastatic breast cancer). I’m hoping the right people will see it and make it happen next October!!

Marissa Holzer

Economics and politics are the governing powers of life today, and that’s why everything is screwy.
~ Joseph Campbell

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