Michael James Nolan Candidate for City Council District 7

Ventura County resident since 2007. Father of Two College age daughters attending Ventura Community College. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley with my 10 brothers and sisters. Attended Chaminade College preparatory High School and received my B.A. in Marketing from C.S.U.N. Successful careers in Grocery and Wireless Telecommunications allowed me to sharpen my business acumen in land development, contract negotiations and retail space development all over Southern California.


  • Balance Ventura city budget. (currently in muti-milion deficit)
  • Reduce Crime. (currently 37% higher than national average and 5% higher than national average for violent crime)
  • Attract business and employment base to Ventura.
  • Make our streets safe.
  • Eliminate vacant business blight.
  • Ensure housing development is balanced and not just pockets of city.
  • Vote NO on any sales tax increases.
  • Keep open space free and accessible for residents.


50% of the homeless people in United States live in California. A good portion of those live right here in Ventura. I believe in feeding the hungry and providing shelter to those that need shelter but I am not in favor of street camping and panhandling. I want my family and yours to feel safe in this city. The stabbing murder at the Aloha grill was the last straw. I fully support our Chief of Police and the strategic plan. Ventura has the highest crime rate in Ventura County and that directly correlates to the homeless. Stop in Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo or Simi Valley and you will not see the problems we have in Ventura. We need to work closely with those sister cities to bring safety back to our streets. Not only does it affect our crime rate but our Fire Department spends a high percentage of their calls rescuing homeless when they could be working on preventing future fires. We do have many programs in place but most are only sustaining the problems and not working towards elimination. I have no secret weapon but I will make it the highest priority.

I love this great city. I taught my daughters how to surf here, We’ve camped locally, we attend the fair on a regular basis and we visit downtown as often as possible. Let’s get though this Covid Virus safely and continue to make Ventura a Destination city in the future together.

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