Vol. 13, No. 26 – Sept 23 – Oct 6, 2020 – Mailbox




William Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the mirror to your soul”.

Our masks cannot mask or diminish the power of connection that is transmitted through the eyes of another; a window opens to our own lives, getting a glimpse of ourselves in the moment. Our eyes don’t lie: they show the truth no matter what face we put on.

These are eye-opening times we are living in! Studies show, when a smile reaches our eyes the brows raise and we become, ‘bright eyed’. A wink and a smile can bring comfort to the lonely or ones lost from the unraveling of their personal normal’s, desperately clinging to their old and familiar way of life. And now faced with moving forward in new ways for re-building a better tomorrow for our children’s children. And under all that, there is this ever presence of sadness from lack of touch and soul exchanging hugs with friends and loved ones.

The great Roman philosopher, Cicero said, “The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter”.

There’s no denying, it doesn’t feel ‘natural’ let alone comfortable to barricade our smiles, let alone breathe easily and naturally. It’s not natural! Our mouths like our eyes are the instruments of our expression. Concealed with our new accessory made of cloth, the eyes become our interpreters, relying upon our ‘orbs of many colors’ to communicate thought, and like sign language is for the hearing impaired, they tell our story.

According to Dr. Jeffery Benjamin, “Our eyes ability is limited physically, but our hearts covey the most poignant picture through the eyes”.

The heart knows what the heart needs. Through the language of the eyes, we can hear the dialog of another’s soul. Setting our own stories aside, allows unspoken words of caring, love and compassion to transfer from one heart to another. We all have the ability and opportunity to communicate with our eyes, with heart-sensitive understanding and solidarity; we are not alone in these crazy changing times.

Karen Leslie Ventura

Dear Editor, Sheldon Brown:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing us the Breeze newspaper for the past thirteen years. It is a journalistic jewel to your readers. A shoutout to all involved: your dedicated staff, the advertisers and the generous doners.

You, too, can help the cause. See page two for information on how to be a part of a special group.

Now, we can all help to keep this publication alive.


James Francis Gray

Dear Everybody,

Well, I always knew he wanted to own the U.S. of A the same way Putin owns Russia. But I didn’t realize he had gotten so close. Yikes. I didn’t think he had brains enough to put the right pieces together.and get so close to getting all the goodies.  The story is far from over. This country and our structure will be long getting repaired. A lot to digest and a lot of make sense of. And lots and lots of thought and ideas and who knows what else will be needed to make the repairs needed to make us a United States of America again. I don’t feel paranoid, but I think I’ll need a lot more paranoia to understand a lot of what has happened and a lot  more that is needed.

Help me get my brain together. Help yourself to whatever is deemed valuable.
xxxxEs and Manny

When checking for gas leaks, always remember to use safety matches to prevent accidents.
~ Lawrence Brotherton

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