Vol. 13, No. 16 – May 6 – May 19, 2020 – Mailbox


Your deep convictions and passion were in evidence in your opinion in the Breeze, and, appropriately so, I might add!

Ed Wehan


I support re-opening of public parks including restrooms for those who may need to use limited restroom facilities

I object to age discrimination of limits for those age 70 or above when the true test should be underlying health conditions or physical fitness

I am age 78 going on 79 and in excellent health with no underlying health concerns comparably younger than many 60-year olds.

Mike Merewether

Sheldon Brown,

You asked for an intelligent counter to what you demmed reprehensible behavior to President Trump’s behavior. Here it is:

States like California, Michigan, New York and New Jersey have been infringing on people’s Constitutional rights forcing businesses and government offices to close in the name of saving lives. People who are sitting alone in their cars at the beach with their windows rolled up or surfing with no one within three hundred feet of them have been getting thousand dollar fines for violating public health orders issued by County doctors who are not elected officials.

Our own Dr. Levin who is the Head of Public Health for the county of Ventura has dictatorial powers over what businesses can be open and what can be sold at these businesses. I find it amusing that under Dr. Levin’s Orders people can’t purchase electronics or clothing but you can purchase as much liquor as you want at Target according to these orders.

Elective medical procedures such as knee and hip replacements are not allowed but abortion clinics are considered essential medical services. This sounds political to me.

Are people dying ? Yes.yet the numbers are being inflated so we don’t know how many people have actually died of the Corona Virus because those that die of secondary causes such as heart failure are listed as dying on the death certificate of Covid19 because that’s what state governments told Dr’s to do.

The economy is being hit hard with people out of work, suicides and domestic violence are way up and more people are dying from the secondary effects of the forced economic shutdown than from Covid deaths themselves.

People have the right to protest their constitutional rights being infringed upon  and to protest the fact that government will not allow them to work and support their families.

Is the death of thousands worth the economic death of millions?

When Obama was President the flu took 80,000 lives one year and there were no oders infringing on people’s right to work and support their families ,their freedom of movement or government telling them what they can or can not purchase. I believe there is a Covid19 virus but the severity of the virus is being inflated for political purposes by those on the left including the media during a Presidential election year in an attempt to get rid of Democrats number one enemy, President Trump !

Kevin Daly ,Ventura 

We thank Kevin for his thoughts. First Trump fan letter that we have received that actually made his ideas clear and not just condemned the Breeze.

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
~ Elbert Hubbard

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