Vol. 12, No. 26 – Sept 25 – Oct 8, 2019 – Mailbox

Dear Editor:

Listen to all the voices. Hundreds of voices squealing about

impeachment. Everyone on TV news is parsing that word.

Do we or don’t we? Do we call it impeach? Do we call it an investigation? Does what we call this matter?

Every commentator has advice for the Democrats. Enough already!

Every commentator is so boring. Every commentator makes my fingers itch to change channels. Every channel has a talking head about the wishy, washy Democrats, and the obedient Republicans. Every commentator is irritated that the politicians are not listening to the commentator’s advice.

TV has never been so boring. I used to play games in the street when I was young. I miss those days. I think I’ll go play In the street. If  I’m  limber enough to avoid being hit by a car, that will be way more exciting than listening to dull, carping news commentators.

Your Scamp column is far more informative, and interesting, and entertaining, than those boring talking heads on TV.

I’m going outside; gonna  play tag with moving cars.

E. D. Coleski

E.D. Woof woof

Dear Sheldon, your heartfelt honesty is much needed, you are truly one of Ventura’s gems.
Jay Berkowitz (*no relationship to Avi).
Downtown Ventura.

Thanks Jay but some readers don’t think I’m a gem but a clump of coal.

*Avraham Berkowitz is an American attorney and political adviser, who currently serves as the Deputy Assistant to the President and Advisor to the Senior Advisor in President Donald Trump’s White House.


Today I rode my bike down to Mission Park for the Climate Strike event that was happening there. I wore my March for Science t-shirt, took some pictures, and talked to a lot of people before I realized something: I am sick of all of this.

I was involved in what we hippies in Phoenix thought was the first Earth Day. There was no internet (or PC’s or Smart Phones, etc.) so the word was spread by people calling people then people telling people about the day. We called it word-of-mouth communication. There was no formal organization, no central authority. We just showed up one morning at Encanto Park and started picking up trash and putting it in the proper receptacles.

In the past fifty years, I have been a member of the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Green Peace, and VLT. Fifty years and nothing has changed except that the planet has gotten hotter and more polluted. That is why I am sick of all of this.

I tried to tell a few people that things will continue as they are now if we don’t have the right politicians in place to make changes, politicians who care more about the Earth then Big Energy’s cash, but it was like shouting into the wind. They had their t-shirts, their clever signs, and their righteous indignation and they were sure that this would “save” the planet. I was tempted to clue them in on the fact that man will never destroy the Earth, it will go on no matter what we do; only mankind will be destroyed and, sadly, some of the beautiful animals who share this planet with us.

But maybe that is what is needed, maybe a species reset should happen so maybe a new class of man will arise that will respect our natural resources and work to protect them.

I know that I won’t live to see this or any other end of mankind however it happens, but I still care enough to do the thing now that will help the most: I will vote for candidates who have PROVEN that they give a damn about the planet.


John Darling

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.
~ Robert L. Peters

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