Vol. 12, No. 25 – Sept 11 – Sept 24, 2019 – Mailbox


What a great idea for our Councilmembers to host quarterly townhall meetings. With the new district election process, it gives our representatives an opportunity to have a local focus balanced with a citywide understanding.

As a fan of CAPS TV Council coverage, I’m wondering if a Councilmember or two will use this forum to hear their constituents’ concerns or simply use it as another platform to hear their own pontification.

It will be interesting to see if the idea gets traction. And the details – how it is communicated, how input for the agenda is solicited, convenient times/locations, etc. how many will actually attend.

I’m wagering that my Councilmember will be on board. During the last campaign, while Erik was canvasing my neighborhood door-to-door, he took 20 minutes to simply stand on the sidewalk and share his thoughts about our district and the city and listen to mine.

If one or two start this practice, I’m sure peer pressure will ‘encourage’ participation. I look forward to your updates on the process and outcome!

Clark K. Galbreath

Dear Breeze

As the former administrator of the Gary J. Channer, DDS Pediatric Dental practice I am delighted to celebrate three generations of Pediatric Dentistry in Ventura.

All this began when my husband Gary Channer, D.D.S. and I came to Ventura 42 years ago and met Dr. David Ashrow, who was the first Pediatric Dentist in Ventura and was one of the first of eight in the United States. Dr. Channer inherited the practice from Dr. Ashrow in 1977 and cared for thousands of children in Ventura County until his retirement in 2004.

Dr. Sunil Ilapogu associated with Dr. Channer in 2004 after having completed his specialty training in pediatric dentistry at Loma Linda Dental School.

Known as Dr. Sunny, the practice is celebrating 15 years of service to the children of Ventura County.

One of Sunny Smiles staff, Anita is celebrating 36 years with the office, Kathy celebrating 20 years, and Dr. John Khalaf , their Pediatric Dental Anesthesiologist has been with the practice for 20 years.

Patti Channer

Dear Editor:

When has Donald Trump asked for permission to do anything he feels like doing, or taking, or spending. He does it, and all his enablers fall in line.

This behavior is so much like the Nazi’s who fell in line behind Hitler. Hitler yelled, and the population said, “Heil. Hitler.”

The German people at that time might have had a good reason — they had been starved, and their country ravaged by the time Hitler showed up to make the trains run on time.

Trumps enablers, have no such live and death excuses.

They all are wanna be Trumps. Wanna be rich. Wanna live in penthouse suites. Wanna play golf 7 days a week.

Wanna make up our own golf scores.

Whatever you wanna do, if The Donald does it, it must be OK to follow suit.

I was under the impression that the people of the United States of American were independent, patriotic, generous, and even, at times, intelligent.

Where have all these remarkable Americans been these last couple of years?

If those were the Good Old Days, then I’m ready to go back.

I’d prefer, however, to go forward. Forward under our own collective ability to be democratic, generous, and wise.

Sincerely yours,
Esther Cole, Ventura

When I was young, people used to say to me: Wait until you’re fifty, you’ll see.
I am fifty. I haven’t seen anything.
~ Erik Satie

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