City Council meeting of August 8

by Richard Lieberman

Represented by Staci Brown Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) awarded two Ventura police officers with awards acknowledging the officer’s records for the most amount of DUI arrests. The officers were Cory Prater and James Dillard.

The City Council confirmed the Mayor’s appointment of Councilmember Brown as the City’s Voting delegate and Mayor LaVere as the alternate Voting Delegate for the League of California Cities 2019 Annual Conference.

Approved and authorized the Mayor to execute a purchase order not to exceed $334,000 for purchase of three portable emergency generators for Ventura Water.

Authorize the Mayor to make the final selection of the lead consultant for the General Plan and Housing Element update that has the best qualifications, experience, track record, and demonstrates the best fir with the culture of the community and the organization.

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