Vol. 12, No. 3 – Nov 7 – Nov 20, 2018 – Mailbox

Editor…..Please stop with the political drivel in your column……..We all know that you are more liberal than Bernie Sanders….but to quote Eugene Robinson?   If Kanya West is an Uncle Tom, then  Eugene is an Auntie Tommie…who can only write stuff that Bezos tells him to write…He has not had an intelligent piece since USA Today started putting him in our local paper……Why does he not start doing something for the Black people?   Because he is already in the top 10% of money makers and

is not interested…..

You have a nice community paper which gives us local happenings….so knock off the political pap that you try to sneak in ……

Richard Pillow, CPA.Ventura


Not sure what you mean “try to sneak in” it is not written in code, you managed to find it. I assume “political drivel and pap” is anything that you don’t agree with.

The fact that I can express my opinion and you can express yours is what the freedom of the press is which makes this a great country (they don’t have this in China, North Korea, Russie, etc., etc. I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to live there). So I will continue to “sneak in” my “drivel and pap” and you can continue to criticize it and have it printed in the Breeze.


Here’s why I love Trump!

1. He is the first person in politics, either side, that I have ever been able to understand when he speaks. He’s not censored or pre-rehearsed at all. I think that’s what bothers people. They “can’t handle those ruff words or the truth!”

3. Start by building the wall. We can’t possibly deport those we don’t know are here or logistically can’t. Trump got our attention though by saying that. Children left at the border that we are traumatizing? Really? Where did that start? Seems with their parents. Vetting, placement or sending them back needs to continue. 

Can we go to any other country in the world and just start a life, use all the services for free, and stay for as long as we want or whenever? I think not. 

5. Question……how can we keep paying for all of this. The left thinks, what…..we just keep borrowing money, printing it, or taxing people here who already struggled to pay their own bills?

6. Russia…….I voted, Russia did not influence me on my decision.
This topic is an insult to me. 

8. I love that Trump doesn’t need the money. All the other people do. Who’s he working for? Us! Finally someone that’s calls everyone out right or left. 

9. Oh my and its criminal what was done to Kavanaugh and his family.  Granted something happened to her, but to accuse and try to ruin someone with no evidence or proof and doing it now?

I love that you continue to produce our lovely, informative Breeze in the day and age of skyrocketing costs to produce it. 

Thank you!
Trudy Smith

Some of her points were deleted not editorialized but just because they were too long. That is why there are numbers missing.


Dear Ventura Breeze

How nice to read such a lovely article on Mary Jane Mitchell (in last Breeze issue). Wow – so many years of memories.

I well remember meeting Jane, and her late husband, Jack Tobias, for the very first time. There I was – a young city girl from south Philly, Pennsylvania – and proud of it – being introduced to a new town and way of life, surrounded by farmland. Jane and Jack were among the nicest people I came to know. Jane was always gracious and welcoming. Jack was a real down-to-earth guy (with a very cool hat collection), who spent many a morning at the wonderful Doc and Sandy’s Cafe, in “downtown Saticoy”, enjoying “shooting the breeze” with other country gentlemen like himself. Doc and Sandy went on to a well-deserved retirement, and most – if not all of the original Saticoy Coffee Gang – are now gone, yet they all continue to be remembered fondly.

It’s so good to know that Jane remains in her family home, where – from her front-row seat in a cozy chair- she continues to witness the many changes of years gone by. Bless you, Jane, and………thanks for the memories. Thanks, again. Just love the Ventura Breeze.

Grace Baskin, Ventura


In our last issue we had the wrong time for this event. On Nov.8, from 5-7pm, Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) will have an open house.

Also there will be an Art Open House on Tuesday Nov. 27, from 4-7pm which will specifically highlight the over 600 pieces of local and regional art that have been installed in the new hospital. A great opportunity to appreciate our local artists.

We think too much and feel too little.
~ Charlie Chaplin

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