ParkMobile app provides convenient way to pay for on-street parking in Downtown Ventura

Using her mobile device to pay for Downtown parking.

ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the US, is partnering with the City of Ventura to allow drivers to pay for metered on-street parking spaces Downtown using their mobile devices. Beginning July 17, customers can register for free through the app for iPhone, Android or online at Parkmobile.IO.

The ParkMobile app allows motorists to park, pay for parking via their mobile device, and not be required to stop or wait in line at a pay station to pay for or add time. Drivers can set up alerts via email, text message, or in-app notifications to remind them when their parking time is about to expire. A 35-cent transaction fee, in addition to parking rates, is charged per parking transaction and per parking extension.

Drivers can also load an account balance using ParkMobile Wallet so that future parking transactions are deducted from that balance. To sign up for ParkMobile Wallet, users simply choose the Wallet as the payment method via the mobile app; a 15-cent transaction fee is charged per parking transaction and per parking extension.

To set up an account, users simply download the ParkMobile app, follow the prompts and enter a credit card number. Users are required to enter a four-digit zone number from the green ParkMobile stickers on the meters. Drivers can also access the system by calling (877) 727-5932 to activate the payment service by phone. Paying by coin or credit card at the pay stations remains an option. Local parking enforcement can view driver’s mobile payment on their handheld device.

There are 344 on-street metered parking spaces, and 2,900 free parking spaces Downtown. All net revenue from the parking pay stations goes back into Downtown and funds a Police Officer who is dedicated to making downtown a safer and cleaner place to visit, as well as other improvements. The pay stations help to create turnover and open parking spaces allowing customers to find parking close to merchants.

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