Ventura Water celebrates a New Water Wise Landscape Project

Approximately 1,100 square feet of turf replaced with water wise landscape.

Ventura Water, in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Garden Group (OFG) and Ventura High School’s Greener World Action Team (GWAT), replaced approximately 1,100 square feet of turf with a water wise landscape at the corner of Main and Catalina streets. This student-led initiative will save water, prevent storm water pollution, and act as a demonstration garden for the public.

The OFG program applies “CPR” – conservation, permeability, and retention – to landscapes. Ocean Friendly Gardens support healthy soils, retain rainwater, and incorporate climate-appropriate plants. Landscape experts from Surfrider Foundation’s local OFG chapter worked collaboratively with the Ventura High School students to design the sustainable campus garden.

In April 2018, the City Council recognized Ventura High School as the 2017-2018 Watershed Hero Award winner for their efforts. Be sure to stop by and admire the hard work of a passionate group of students and volunteers.

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