New City of Ventura Economic Development Manager

Estelle brings a strong background in strategic marketing and effective collaboration.

Ventura Community Development Director Jeff Lambert has announced that Estelle (Diaz) Bussa has been named as the City’s Economic Development Manager and will start in her new position on May 7. This selection fills a key management position in the City and supports the City Council’s priority of Creating and Maintaining Economic Development and Vitality.

Estelle is a fourth generation Ventura native and has a strong background in strategic marketing and effective collaboration. In her new role, she will focus on updating and implementing the City Council’s 5­Year Economic Development Strategy, including retention, expansion and attraction of businesses in Ventura. Estelle will work closely with the City Council Economic Development Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Ventura Partners, Visit Ventura, the Ventura Port District and other business partners. As a member of the Community Development Management Team, Estelle will work closely with the Planning and Building and Safety Divisions to support the City’s efforts to encourage private sector investment in Ventura.

Mayor Neal Andrews said, “Economic growth is vital to a healthy and vibrant business community and allows us to maintain city services and a high quality of life for our residents. We are pleased and looking forward to working with Estelle and our other community partners to further the City’s adopted strategy and to build upon the economic strength of our great city.”

Estelle previously worked four years at Patagonia where she served as International Planning Manager, Ecommerce Forecast Planner and Senior Supply Chain Analyst. She also has experience working for Adidas Group as a Senior Project Manager in Brand Harmonization. Jeffrey Lambert, Community Development Director, said, “Estelle is a unique and exciting choice for this position; her deep knowledge and commitment to Ventura and its prosperous future and her personal experience at Patagonia and beyond will support the City’s economic development goals.”

Estelle received her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management, from the University of Portland and a BA in Social Sciences from San Diego State University. She is proud alumni of Ventura High School and Ventura College, where she was a back-to-back State Champion in Woman’s Basketball.

“Ventura is a great place to live, work, and do business. I am excited for this tremendous opportunity to join the team and build upon what has been accomplished and to further the economic development related goals of the City,” said Bussa.

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