Focus on the Masters (FOTM) Learning To See Outreach Art Showcase

Biodiversity by Landen, 5th grade, Sheridan Way Elementary, inspired by Hiroko Yoshimoto.

Three library exhibitions throughout Ventura County

Focus on the Masters Learning To See (LTS) Outreach has expanded its reach and offerings to more schools across the west county. Each lesson of this innovative in-school, hands-on art program is inspired by an extraordinary artist from our community. Their new Up Close & Personal Residency includes that artist as a guest in the classroom.

Three new LTS exhibits feature artwork created by students at Harrington Elementary School in Oxnard, Elmhurst, Montalvo & Sheridan way Elementary Schools in Ventura, and Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte and Topa Topa Elementary Schools in Ojai.

Magical Surrealism by Lexi, 6th grade, Meiners Oaks Elementary, inspired by Christine Brennan.

Exhibit sites and dates:

  • Oxnard Library from May 1 – 31, 251 South ‘A’ St., Oxnard
  • Hill Road Library from May 3 – June 1, 1070 S. Hill Road, Ventura
  • Meiners Oaks Library from May 14 – June 31, 114 N. Padre Juan Ave., Ojai
Chine Colle Bird by Christian, 4th grade, Harrington Elementary, inspired by Linda Taylor.

FOTM’s award-winning in-school art program, Learning To See Outreach, inspires our youth using the lives and works of our extraordinary FOTM documented artists from our community. For more information about Learning To See, contact [email protected] or 653.2501.

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