Vol. 11, No. 6 – Dec 20, 2017 – Jan 2, 2018 – Forever Homes Wanted

Hi: I’m Zero an affectionate and playful 6 year old Border Collie mix who is in need of a new home. I was originally adopted from a shelter in LA, but the people who adopted me could no longer keep me. The person who has me now did not want to see me go back to the shelter, so she took me in. She unfortunately cannot keep me as I do not enjoy being left alone. I’m a great dog who learns quickly, gets along with other dogs, enjoys walks and being with my people. I hope it’s not long before I’m a cherished member of a loving family. Canine Adoption and Rescue League C.A.R.L. CARL Adoption Center-call 644-7387 for more information.

Adoptable Taffy and Amber would like to spread the word that bunnies are happiest and healthiest in pairs. Bunnies thrive when they have companions, and bonded pairs take up no more room in the house than single bunnies. VCAS Bunny Brigade adoption counselors can also facilitate bunny dates for adopters who are looking for a companion for their spayed or neutered single bunnies. To meet Taffy and Amber and witness the playful antics of a bonded pair, please visit VCAS at 600 Aviation Drive in Camarillo and ask for ID #s A674425 and A674426.

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